10 Easy Steps To Plan The Perfect Birthday Party In Singapore

Birthdays are always just around the corner and whether or not it’s yours or someone else’s, planning for a birthday can be quite stressful. But don’t be disheartened because you too can plan the perfect birthday party. Here are 10 EASY STEPS TO PLAN THE PERFECT BIRTHDAY PARTY IN SINGAPORE.

Our guide covers everything you need to know. Follow this easy guide and checklist for birthday party ideas and more. Remember to have fun, after all, birthdays are all about celebrating.

1) Decide WHEN and WHERE to hold the Birthday Party

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Step 1: Choose the Date and Time 

Discuss with the birthday person and establish a suitable day to hold the birthday party. Consider their schedule and take note of any holidays, off-days or free slots happening around that time. Take into account that hosting a party on a weekend is more preferable as more people will be willing to show up. This is because many do not have work on weekends. 

Choose a preffered time to hold it and consider the amount of time the party will take especially if you’ve booked a venue.

Step 2: Decide on a Budget

Start off by using an Excel spreadsheet. Decide on an overall budget (how much money you are willing to spend). Break down the different elements (food, entertainers, decorations, etc.) and decide how much should be spent for each.

Having a fun-filled day is important but do make sure that all necessary costs are factored in and taken into consideration to avoid unplanned costs spiralling out of control and ruining the party.

Step 3: Create a Guestlist

This helps you to cross check if all invitations have been sent out and no one had been forgotten. The size of your guestlist also determines where to hold the party, how much food and drinks should be provided and if doing it yourself or having it is better. 

Keep in mind more does not necessarily translate into merrier. Consider the budget and invite the people who are more than happy to celebrate your big day. 

Bonus Tip: Always have a RSVP list and remember to keep track of it, including any special requests such as dietary requirements.

Step 4: Pick a Location or a Venue

Consider what kind of party the birthday person wants. If he/she prefers smaller gatherings to big ones or vice versa, aim for that. 

Here’s a list of possible birthday venues or event space rentals to consider:


  • Price: Venue starts from $99/hour, Activities starts from $15/pax.
  • Capacity: Up to 150 pax
  • Address: Hyperspace, 91A Lavender Street, Singapore 338719
  • Website: https://www.hyperspace.sg
  • Email: hello@hyperspace.sg
  • Phone Number: 8769 1955

The Fun Empire

  • Price: Venue starts from $70/hour, Activities starts from $15/pax.
  • Capacity: Up to 80 pax
  • Address: The Fun Empire, 5B Guillemard Road, Level 3 Wing Fong Building, Singapore 399685
  • Website: https://www.thefunempire.com/birthday-party/
  • Email: hello@www.thefunempire.com
  • Phone Number: 6515 4146 / 6816 1998

The chosen location dictates the kind of activities that your guests will participate in. Where the birthday party is held will also be dependent on the demographics of majority of your guests (e.g. kids cannot celebrate at the bar). Keep in mind any guests in need of certain accomodations, like wheelchairs etc.

2) Plan the Birthday Party details

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Step 5: Choose a birthday package (optional)

While you can plan and execute your own birthday party, another option is to consider outsourcing and working with experienced birthday party planners or an events coordinator to help you out with the planning and execution.  It’s a one stop solution for all your birthday party needs (games & activities, venue, food & drinks and party decorations). 

Find out more and organise the coolest birthday party now here

Step 6: Pick a Party Theme

Themed parties can be real unique but they could also be too much for your budget. Think about whether the birthday person wants this and weigh the pros and cons.

If it’s a child’s birthday the theme can be based on the child’s favourite tv show or movie. For adults, appropriate themes can include color themes such as black and white, or peach etc. 

Step 7: Send out Invitations & gather Decorations for the party

Send out invitations to the guest list once earlier details have been confirmed. Send them out about 3 weeks in advance to give people time to prepare for it. Provide RSVP details on the invitation. 

Ask for assistance from confirmed guests to aid you in setting up, providing food, decorating etc, transporting etc.

Shop and gather decorations for the party such as balloons, party banners and more. To save money, use existing decorations you already have or borrow from friends who keep them. 

Step 8: Plan the Food & Beverages

Decide the type of food best for the party. Find out dietary restrictions or preferences from guests. Bear in mind the length of the party as a party that lasts for an hour could only need drink refreshments for example. You have the choice to make the food yourself or order from a caterer. 

Ordering from a caterer offers a wider range of menus to choose from, although you need to consider your budget again. 

Step 9: Prepare Entertainment & Game options

Get the guests engaged by considering doing the activities specified below: 

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3) Get Ready for the Party

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Step 10: D-DAY

It’s the day of the party! Call up and gather the people you’ve organised for help. 
Set Up the decorations and the food (if necessary). If your food was ordered ensure the food gets to the venue on time. Remember to give yourself enough time to set up as rushing will only stress you out and will tend to make you forget tasks. 

Enjoy the party! Once everything is in place, make sure to have fun as you deserve it for planning such a successful birthday! 

Tear down when the party ends and seek help from your guests. 

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