10 Quick Tips About Team Building

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1. Communication

It is essential that every member know their purpose and worth. Communicating with team members will help to slowly earn their trust and loyalty. Keep everyone updated and informed, no one should feel left out Only then, will individuals stay committed to giving back to the company and wanting the best for the company which benefits everyone. Working in such an environment generates a positive experience for everyone.

2. Common Target & Goals

Working towards the same organisational goal creates an opportunity for all team members to bond over time. Ensure that your organisational/project and program goals are understood and supported by all team members. All team members need to understand how their efforts are feeding into the larger objectives.

3. Allocate individual roles and responsibilities

Let everyone understand what is their own role and responsibilities. Upon knowing what they have to achieve to give back to the group, this will help draw the line and avoid any miscommunication if any clashes arises. This is will cause an individual to put in their best and to do a good job since they are responsible for what they produce.

4. Everyone deserves a break!

Initiate fun and engaging team activities. Leave the work in the office and head out for some team building session such as bubble soccerlaser tagarchery tag, and many more! Take an off from the monotonous and brain-wrecking proposals and deadlines. Find activities that resonate with your company’s culture and age group. Try group activities that you would not be able to as an individual. For older age group, perhaps soy candle makingperfume workshop may interest you?

5. Boost their morale! Keep them going

Do you love to be commended and be recognised for the hard work that you put in for a particular project?  The question is, who doesn’t! Hence, rewarding your team players is the action that translates into acknowledging the effort that your team players have contributed to achieve the desired results. Furthermore, achieving results with a team compared to solely based on individual efforts, the former will leave you feeling more satisfied knowing that not only did you score yourself another successful project, but also gain a strong team. Some people they work for rewards, therefore this can push them to contribute enthusiastically.

6. Be open and receptive of suggestions

Setting an open ground for team players to voice their opinions and thoughts will make them feel that the company appreciates them when they are heard. This encourages team members to continuously work their creative juices. Take a step back and learn to see things from their perspectives, putting yourselves in their shoes, instead of quickly forming rebuttals or to push away their suggestions. After all, it is always better to have more suggestions from different people. In a team with divergent people will have different knowledge and way of thinking. When their suggestions are heard or been put into action, they will feel a sense of belonging to the team. Once they feel that his or her ownership is involved in the final decision, solution, or idea, they are driven to perform.

7. Implement short and interactive games or workout at the start of the day

This could probably stir positive vibes in the company. Research has shown that working out will help release hormones that make the individual feel better. In addition, working out allows individuals to stay fit as more than often, they do not have enough time to workout. Therefore this interactive solutions, not only allow members to communicate with one another constructing a strong team but also maintain a work-life balance.

8. Provide Training

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Don’t expect your members to do everything right from scratch with zero clues about what is going on or without any skills. The whole struggling process may bring down their morale and discourage them. Guide them at the start, once their foundation is strong, it’s time to let them go, and achieve the results for themselves and the company. Work as a team and not as a sole individual.

9. Engage in exciting and unique team building games for cohesion events

Engage vendors such as Bubble Bump Soccer Singapore, Laser Tag, Combat Archery Tag, Ninja Tag to organise these fun activities for you! They have different game modes for you to try out. Sweat it out over a session of team play! Team building games must include everyone. These fun activities will prompt individuals to participate willingly.

10. Give them the authority they need, the little private space.

Allow your members to have some say in decision makings. This is a form of empowerment. Don’t be constantly breathing down their neck and pressing them against unreasonable deadlines. Catch up with them every once in a while to see how they are doing and how they are coping, then set reasonable deadlines and standards from there. Make work a little more enjoyable, it is a process where they can enjoy and yet still give back willingly to the company.

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