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25 Awesome Team Building Games For Small Groups

January 11, 2018 by The Fun Empire Team

In need of game ideas for the next team building event? Look no further as we have got you covered. When it comes to small groups, we think start-ups or even just a group of friends bonding together. So here are 20 team building games to cater to the smaller teams!

1. Game of Possibilities

Divide everyone into multiple small groups and pass an object to one person in each team. While doing this one at a time, each person is to come up and demonstrate a use of the object. The rest of the group members would have to make a guess on what the participant is demonstrating. However, the demonstrator is not allowed to speak. So be original and wacky with your ideas!

2. Human Knot

The human knot is the most classic game of all time. Gather everyone and make them stand in a circle facing each other, shoulder to shoulder. Everyone is to put their right hand out and grab a random hand from across the circle. Do the same for the left hand. Within a time limit of 15 minutes, the group needs to untangle the knot. The challenge here is to not release your hands while doing so. Tip: communicate well with your team.

3. The Perfect Square

Do you think your team have what it takes to create a perfect square? Then take on this challenge! Allow everyone to stand in a circle while holding onto a piece of rope. Put the rope on the floor then have everyone blindfolded. Instruct them to walk 2 to 3 steps away from the rope. When it is time to start the game, ask the players to go towards the rope and form the square with their blindfold still on. Set a time limit for a more competitive game. Too easy? Then allow some members of the team to remain quiet.

4. Back-to-Back Drawing

Start off the game but pairing a person with someone whom they have never worked with or talked to previously. Allow the pair to choose among themselves on who will be the illustrator and director. The game organiser will then hand over a simple drawing to the directors and hide them from the illustrators. The illustrators will be given a blank sheet of paper and pencil. The directors are to tell the illustrators on how to replicate the drawing using only verbal cues. The illustrators can only ask questions with yes or no answers. Once done, gather everyone in a circle and allow each of them to compare the drawings as well as discuss how they handled the task.

5. Electric Fence

If you have a larger group for this game, that is even better. The game organisers will be tying a rope between two objects at about waist height. Planning to take this outdoors? Tying the rope between two trees would work too. Instruct all participants to stand on one side of the “fence”. They are to challenge themselves to get over the fence without touching it. It is up to the team to strategise on how they would make it past the fence. Perhaps planting something that can be used as a step or jumping over? It would be great to see how each team overcomes this obstacle as they work together towards bringing everyone to the other side.

6. Tarp Flip

In this game, you are required to stand within close proximity. With the tarp or blanket, it needs to be folded while still providing enough space for participants to stand on it. It is even better if the tarp is folded until it is small, as this would only increase the game difficulty level. Participants are to stand on the tarp and flip half of the tarp over without stepping on the ground. At the end of the day, each participant should be on top of the underside of the tarp, which is half the size it was at the beginning.

7. Blind Drawing

Blind drawing is one of the games that will help to build on great communication skills. Create teams of two and have the players sit back to back. One of them will be given a picture of an object or word while the other has to make a guess. The person with the picture will have to describe the image without using words that will directly describe the matter. Here’s an example: a picture of a toothbrush can be described as something that you use on your face every morning.

8. Bubble Bump Singapore

Whether you love sports or not, you are going to love playing bubble bump. This game is a combination of soccer and rugby put into one. The only difference is it is a lot safer. With cushions in the bubble suit, you can ensure that you will be left with no injuries after the game. Bumping anyway and anyhow is made possible too! There are variants to the bubble bump game so players will never get bored. Ultimately, it is going a fun team building activity that will get everyone laughing till no end!

9.  The Common Thread

Divide your team into equal groups and instruct them to find out what they have in common. It could be anything from hobbies to a favourite food or even the last movie they saw. Once that is completed, get them to create a short list of traits or stereotypical qualities of those who share the things in common. Everyone is to take on the qualities of that stereotype throughout the meeting. For instance, those who own dogs may show their pets to other members of the group from time to time. After the meeting is done, discuss how stereotypes are just a narrow way of thinking about others.

10. Classify This

The game master will do their job in arranging a collection of random objects. Divide the team into two groups and get them to categorise the objects into families. Each team is to pen down their categories on a piece of paper within a given time frame. When the time is up, each team will present their list of categories and reveal why they grouped the items in such a way.

11. Life Timeline

One of the quickest team building games is the life timeline. This game requires participants to close their eyes and think of their fondest memory. Allow them to sink into their thoughts for a few minutes and then ask which memory they would want to relive if they only had 30 seconds left to live. Afterwards, get everyone to share their choice and the reason behind choosing it.

12. The Egg Drop

Remember those Secondary School days where we would play the egg drop during camp? Time to relive this moment again. This game involves building a package that carries an egg safely to the ground after dropping from a height.  After designing the package, each team should share with the rest on what is unique about it and why it could possibly save the egg from breaking when it hits the ground. To see if it works, drop the eggs and the aftermath would tell whether the package was designed well.

13. Silence

As its name suggests, this team building game requires you to be silent. On a normal day, act excited like as though you are about to give big and great news. When meeting starts, set the mood of seriousness by staying silent for about a minute. Notice how the people around you are reacting towards this. After that minute of silence, ask everyone what they have learnt through this.

14. The Coin Logo

Ask all members in the team to empty their pockets and wallets of any coins they may possess and place them on the table in front of them. Get each person to create a personal logo using the coins in just a minute. They may also use other materials such as pens and notebooks to help them with the logo. If you find that the group is too big, split them into teams and create a team logo together. Not only is it a great team bonding game but it also allows participants to get to know each other better.

15. What’s On Your Desk

Team members are to bring one item from their desk to the activity. This item is going to be their new product and this means coming up with a name, logo, slogan, and a marketing plan for that object. This activity can be done individually or in a group. Once the time is up, each person is to give a two minute presentation on their product. Then, discuss as a group which products were sold successfully and why.

16. Pencil Drop

Before starting the game, tie the ends of two pieces of string in the middle of the pencil. Grab a partner and tie the other end of each string on your waist while your partner does the same. Stand back to back and try to lower the pencil into a water bottle or the floor. This game requires teamwork and communication. Let’s see if you have any of those traits!

17. Cluck and Clap

Make a bunch of cards with Xs and Os on them. Each of them has a different representation - Xs stand for clucks while Os are for claps. Give the cards a shuffle and arrange them in front of the entire group. Lead them through the first pattern to ease them into the pace. Repeat the pattern again but faster. Finally, allow the group to try the pattern on their own and see how well they fare.

18. Art Jamming

Looking for an outlet to spill your creativity? Art jamming by The Fun Empire it is! This is a new approach to team building which allows you to bond while being creative at the same time. Yes, you do not need to be a professional artist to paint beautifully. You could be painting an image you got inspired from recently or your favourite hobby. As therapeutic music plays in the background, enjoy your session of painting while bonding with other friends!

19. Lilly Pads

This game is similar to the concept of the classic road crossing game except that it is a river. As a team, come up with ideas on how to make it from one side of the river to the other. Using only papers and cardboards, create a path of lily pads for the river. The rule of the game is to get participants in contact with the lily pads at all times or they risk of getting it removed.

20. Turning Over A New Leaf

Place a large sheet of paper on the floor and have everyone stand on it. The challenge is to attempt to turn the sheet over without stepping out of it. On top of that, you cannot carry other people too. Go figure.

21. Tote Bag Art Jamming

Unleash your creativity on a tote bag! Stand out in the crowd and design and customise your very own tote bag! The Fun Empire's Tote Bag Art Jamming Workshop starts from $19/pax and it includes all painting equipment! The workshop will be hosted at a comfortable, air-conditioned venue that is located just 10 minutes away from city!

22. Gel Candle Making Workshop

The Fun Empire's gel candle making workshops are suitable for all levels of experience! Gel Candle Making Workshop is a super fun activity with friends or colleagues! Our Candle Making Workshop will offer you fun memories and you can get to learn a new skill and bring home your finished candle!

23. Terrarium Singapore Workshop

Create your very own mini portable garden in a jar! Terrarium is low-maintenance and is perfect for offices, homes or even as gifts! Building a terrarium from scratch is fun and you will be guided by our terrarium specialist. Our Terrarium workshop is the perfect way to spend your weekend playing with plants and dirt.

24. Escape Room Singapore

Suitable for small groups, The Fun Empire's escape room is the perfect bonding activity for family and friends. You get to put reality aside for one whole hour and be transported into our werewolf world where you decipher clues and solve puzzles together.

25. Giant Whack-a-Mole

Do you love carnival games? Whack-a-mole, the most popular arcade and carnival game has come to life! This huge 14 foot long by 14 foot wide inflatable allows you to turn your friends, family and colleagues into human moles! The best thing is you can whack them with our huge, soft and inflatable mallet!

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