3 Team Building Activities Played with Common Office Items

Common team building games that are often played in the office make use of pen and paper. But what if you are sick of those typical pen and paper games? Well, here are 5 team building ideas that make use of other things commonly found in most offices!

1. Build a timeline

Engage in team building by making your very own office timeline! This project is simple and you’ll only need a bulletin board, thumbtacks, paper and pen. Photos can be included to if you want to spruce up the timeline board a little more! First off, mark years on the timeline. The very first year should be when the company was founded, or the year the oldest member of the team joined! Use papers to mark down important dates on the timeline after, and pin it on using thumbtacks to the relevant spots on the timeline. Get team members to include some of their most memorable moments on the timeline too (this does not have to be work related)!

This team building activity not only allows team members to bond with one another while doing this DIY, but will also allow them to share their experiences with one another and grow together as a team!

2. 5-minute marketing

This team building activity is similar to Show and Tell, but with has a marketing twist. Get everyone in the office to form pairs, and find an item in the office that they would like to convince the rest of the team to buy! The challenge is to come up with a strategy and strong arguments to market the item to the rest of the group. This activity provides room for team members to think about innovative solutions and creative ways in which they can overcome a problem.

3. Chairs

Get it? Chairs (Chess)? Yes, pun intended, but only because this team building activity is one that makes use of strategic thinking! And coordination! All you’ll need are the chairs in the office! Split your team members into three groups, and give each group a specific set of instructions to arrange the chairs. Make sure that each group does not share their set of instructions with the other group.  The 3 different instructions are as follows: 1. Arrange all the chairs in a circle; 2. Arrange all the chairs in pairs; 3. Arrange all the chairs upside down.

The instructions for this team building activity make it such that no group can complete the task on their own, but only if all groups aim to complete the task together, at the same time! Feel free to also create new instructions that allow for a similar scenario to build cohesiveness!

Now that you have these team building ideas for a day in the office, engage your team members and have a great time!

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