4 Fun Pool Games For Team Building

Singapore’s hot weather definitely calls for some cool off time, even when team building! Check out some pool team building games below!

1. Float relay

Seen all those nice floats on Instagram and such? Here’s a great way to make use of that in this team building game! Simply split your team into two groups, and give each group a float. Tie a length of rope for each group from one end of the pool to the other. Then start the relay! Get each member to pull him or herself on the float, from one end of the pool to the other and back using the rope. The first group whose all members have completed the relay wins!

2. Pool Toss

This team building game requires several items like foam noodles, soft balls, and any other pool toys you can think of. Start by dividing the pool into half using a rope. Then split the pool toys equally amongst both sides of the pool, and get each team to throw the items to the opposing team’s side of the pool when the game starts. The aim is to keep their side of the pool free from any of these toys! Have a splash while playing this team building game!

Hint: One good tactic would be to assign one part of the pool to each member so if an item lands in that area, throwing it over the line would be quick and efficient because everyone knows their roles!

3. Beach ball bumper

Give every player a beach ball and cordon off a play area in the swimming pool with rope. Each player is to hug onto the beach ball and try to bump one another to either the rope or the edges of the pool. Basically, if both your arms leave the beach ball, you’re out! If a played is bumped into the wall, they are out of the game. To foster team building, split your team members into different groups. Get each group to work together to rid the opposing team of members. The last group standing wins!

4. Water Quidditch

All you Harry Potter fans out there, this one is for you! For this team building game, all you’ll need are two hula hoops (for scoring), a ball (the Quaffle) and a marble for the snitch! Simply split your team into two groups, and following actual Quidditch rules, there should only be one seeker and one keeper per team. You may vary the rest of the team players to suit the number of people playing the game! Of course this game does not include the bludgers (Harry potter fans, you get why we can’t have this). As for the snitch, the game master should hide it anywhere in the pool before game play. So start scoring and seeking!

Want more water game ideas? Check out our 5 water games for team building!

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