4 Pen and Paper Team Building Games

Want to get your team to do simple team building activities but have limited resources? Don’t worry; these games make use of the resources you can find in the office!

1. Catch and share

This has got to be the simplest team building game ever. All you need is a crushed paper ball and you’re all set! Form a circle with your team members, and start off by throwing the paper ball to any team member. Get them to share something about themselves, and continue on until everyone has had a turn. A great way to implement this team building effort into daily office life is to do this activity at the end of the day, and get everyone to share about their daily experience at the office – struggles, things that went well, how to improve and anything else!

2. Survivor’s Kit

This team building game works on creativity, strategic planning and communication skills. Get your team to visualise themselves in a situation where they are stranded on an island that has no reception. Ask them to choose three items from the office that they would bring with them that will help them survive while stranded, and to get off the island. Then get them to share why they chose those three items. When everyone has shared, discuss if and what they would have chosen differently after hearing other’s opinions! This team building activity helps promote meticulous and critical thinking when it comes to solving problems, and allows the group to understand the thinking processes and logic of one another!

3. Paper Towers

This team building activity is fast and effective. Give each person a sheet of paper, and ask each one to build the tallest structure that they can, using only that sheet of paper. The catch? Give them only 5 minutes to complete this task! When the five minutes are up, get them to discuss what they could have done better and how they would have changed to better the structure. This provides an opportunity for strategic thinking as a group and sharing ideas!

4. Blind Origami

Team building skills like listening, communication and coordination are utilised in this game. This activity is a level up from Blind Charades, where a blindfolded individual has to draw according to verbal instructions given by his or her partner. But in this game, the blindfolded individual has to fold something according to given instructions by his or her partner instead! This improves the working relationship between pairs and aims for clear communication.

Simple yet effective! If you’re looking for team building activities that have a longer duration though, do check out our Bubble BumpCombat Archery Tag or Laser Tag!

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