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4 Team Building Activities That Involve Food

April 19, 2022 by The Fun Empire Team

Well, people always told me that food was the best way that a group can bond. In this article, check out some team building games that involve food!

They may not be what you had in mind (these games do not involve eating), but they make use of food to foster team building in various ways.

You can always bond in the way Singaporeans know best after your team building activities – by filling your stomachs!

1. Food Tower

In this game, use food to build a tower! Split your team members into groups and make sure that every group has the same amount of food to build the tower. Some foods that can be used include uncooked spaghetti, marshmallows, fruits etc. Do also provide some string and masking tape for the group! Building a food tower together as a group is not only a team building activity that is refreshingly new, but it also allows the group to employ strategic thinking of how to make their tower the tallest.

2. Bento Making

Yes, this involves even more food than the previous game. It may be messier, but on the bright side, you can eat it afterwards! Have a bento making competitions between your team members during team building time. Not only does this call for a good time (and food afterwards), it also allows every individual to express his or her creativity! Challenge yourselves to create the most aesthetically pleasing bento, or you could even choose a theme to stick with, like cartoon characters, for example. Another great thing about this team building activity is that a bento can contain whichever foods you prefer, so let your taste buds decide!


3. Ice-Sculpting Challenge

Well, I suppose this involves more water than food, but water is equally (if not more) important in our diets! Have a fun team building session by attending an ice sculpture class together! It is practically summer in Singapore all year round with temperatures blazing as high as 36 degrees, but Tuck Lee does offer ice-sculpting events! Why not take this time to chill (literally!) out with your teammates in this team building activity!

4. Cooking Classes

I suppose if you really cannot forego the eating, one good way to combine it with team building would be to get your entire team to attend a cooking class together! Cooking together would be a great way to get your team to work together on something that isn’t office related. Delegation of roles and communication are such important team building skills that are implemented into this activity, so definitely do not miss out! Besides, you get to eat your cooking afterwards, what could be better?

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