4 Types of Combat Archery Tag Players You’ll Encounter

If you’re looking for new activities to thrill the adrenaline-junkie, give Combat Archery Tag a try. This game really challenges your hand-eye coordination, upper body strength, and agility. It sounds like a great workout – which it truly is – especially with an awesome company! Perhaps it’s better than gym-routine workouts as Combat Archery Tag is so much fun! Sometimes you’ll encounter different kinds of hilarious Combat Archery players too. Here are the 4 types of Combat Archery players you’ll see:

1. Super duper enthusiastic players

We all have that one friend who is almost enthusiastic about every single thing! Now you wouldn’t have pictured how they’d be on the pitch when playing Combat Archery Tag. They’ll be the first at everything – to enter the pitch, picking up the bow and arrow, and trial. No surprises right there! But their enthusiasm can be a little amusing.

2. The hidden Combat Archery Tag Singapore players

These players aren’t exactly hidden but they just love hiding behind the bunkers. While it may keep them safe through the game, they also need to get out and attack their enemies. Otherwise, our facilitators will make it a more challenging game for you!

3. That player who always miss their enemies

Everyone has bad days. And of all days, it has to fall on the day when we’re trying to attack our enemies. No matter how you angle your bow, focuses on the target, shoot with the right posture; you still miss your enemies. It’s normal and perfectly fine. All you have to do is gather more arrows and try your best to aim at that one enemy. If all else fails, keep trying.

4. The rebellious player

When there are games, there are also rules. But certain rules are fun to be broken. The rebellious players will be the rebels of course. They’ll be entering their opponent’s territory, stealing some arrows, not leaving the game after being hit, shifting behind the bunkers, and the list could go on. Despite the rebelliousness, we need to thank them for they make Combat Archery Tag games much more exciting!

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