5 Best Team Building Games to Play for a Christmas Party

This is the season to be jolly and therefore we shall. Christmas isn’t complete without the usual turkey and Christmas Party. If you haven’t got around to planning yours yet, we’ve got a few ideas for the type of team building games to play. Here are 5 of the best games to try for this year’s Christmas Party!

1. Reindeer Toss

We thought that you should kickstart your Christmas with something simple. The Reindeer Toss involves doing a little bit of craft before you can enjoy the game. Not to fret as it’s actually very easy. All you have to do is grab an unused box, a brown paper with the face of a reindeer, and 2 shaped sticks with the perfect “V”. The sticks will make up for the reindeer antlers. You can also create your own hoops with bendable pipe cleaners, which can be found in art stores such as Art Friend. Bend it into big colourful hoops and you’re ready to play. The aim of the game is to toss as many of the hoops into the antlers.

2. RoLLiCK!

Rollick is the perfect game to play especially for those who are having their Christmas party in the comfort of their own home. It’s not complicated and easily understood that even first timers are able to get it right. Rollick has a similar concept to playing charades. One person from each team will be acting out the ‘clues’ for their team to make a guess. With Rollick, you’re never going to run out of ‘clues’ as they have a bunch of front and back cards. We assure you that the entire family is going to be cracking up till their stomach aches!

3. DIY Snow Paint

In this game, all you need are 3 things. Spray bottles, food dye, and shaved ice.  This game is originally played in the snow but Singaporeans can’t afford that so we modify it a little. Insert some water into the spray bottle and add drops of food dye before shaking it well. Place the shaved ice into a big bowl and then begin spraying with the different colours. The end result will be a beautiful rainbow. While at it, why not just turn it into a dessert. Pop some toppings and have fun making it!

4. Bubble Soccer

For an extraordinary Christmas party, we suggest you take part in bubble soccer! Bubble soccer is a hybrid game that involves soccer and rugby while you’re stuck in a zorb ball. It’s a perfect game for kids who are waiting to just let out all of their energy. Bubble soccer can also be played by adults but only if you’re game for it. The bubble soccer game can be a little challenging at first but it’s a great team building and bonding game. If you’re ever in a bad mood, bubble soccer will turn your mood around and make it all better.

5. Combat Archery Tag

Alternatively, you and your family could immerse yourselves in a game of combat archery tag! We use foam tipped arrows so that it doesn’t hurt when it hits someone. The game can get pretty intense but stay calm and protect yourself. But don’t go hiding for too long, as you’ll need to attack your enemies and win this game. Combat archery tag promotes communication, teamwork, and a lot of strategising. It’s definitely a great idea for team building or family bonding games unlike your usual ones. Get ready, set your aim, and shoot!

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