5 Creative Workshops For Corporate Team Building

We were brought up in a society where following the rules is the right thing to do. It could be anything from books to instructions from someone of a higher level. Either way, we do just as we are told. While adhering to instructions is good, it may not be beneficial when problems arise and creative solutions are required to counter it. Looking to enhance creativity and teamwork in the workplace? Here are 5 creative workshops in Singapore!

1. Terrarium Workshop

Though terrariums are small, one should never underestimate the power of this little thing. Terrariums are essentially a mini-garden that is fairly easy to make and care for. You will be provided with items such as rocks, cacti and succulents, sand, and even figurines to place them in a glass container. Terrarium workshops are great as it allow you to use your imagination and creativity to create a mini-garden within a confined space. Ensure you do a great job at this as it is going to end up in your home or office desk. Taking a break by looking at your terrarium can be therapeutic and relaxing. Plus, it might also be a place where you seek for inspiration.

2. Clay Modelling Workshop

One of the struggles that we face on a daily is being on our mobile phones all the time. With clay modelling, you are forced to stay away from your phones simply because you need both hands to model the clay. On top of that, this activity enhances teamwork as it encourages everyone to help one another. Challenge yourselves to create a sculpture so unique or one that represents yourself. Clay modelling is also a perfect outlet for those who want to de-stress and recharge after hustling hard at work. The plus point is that participants of any age can engage in this activity too!

3. Art Jamming

We normally dislike something because we are not able to do it well. Case in point? Painting. However, art jamming is different that even those who dislike painting would end up enjoying it. You can draw inspiration from the surrounding or get ideas from Pinterest. With relaxing music in the background, it will ease you into painting your canvas just like a professional artist. Additionally, the laid-back environment encourages you to communicate with your colleagues. Perhaps getting to know them on a more personal level or just learning something new about them. At the end of it all, share with everyone in the room as to what your picture represents and why you decided to paint that.

4. Leather Workshop

If you love all things leather, chances are you would have thought of creating one yourself. While it is impossible to make leather handbags in just a workshop, you can make other leather items. From cardholders, passport holders to key holders and a hand pouch. This leather workshop teaches you patience and the importance of accuracy. Gather your friends to this leather workshop for it is worth the try! Afterwards, you would get to bring home the masterpiece and use it on a daily basis.

5.  Origami Art Workshop

Origami or paper folding might seem like an easy job at first until you give it a try. We often see the swan designs but there is more to fold than just that. It may not be so straightforward but it is doable! Folding can be done with multiple papers and even without the use of scissors or glue. Once you master the art of paper folding, making origami is going to be a breeze. This workshop allows you to go beyond your creative zone and learn about each other’s strengths of the art. Furthermore, the skill here is never gone to waste as you will be able to put it into good use for event decors!

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