5 Fun Activities To Explore For The Next NS Cohesion

To the NS men who have worked hard to serve the nation, it’s time you take a break from that routine life. Bonding with your NS mates is important in producing an excellent team. After all, teamwork makes the dream work! So here are 5 fun cohesion activities you can bond over with your NS mates:

1. Combat Archery Tag

All guns aside, you can try playing Combat Archery Tag with your NS mates. Combat Archery Tag is perfect for the thrill-seekers who are looking to try something new. With a ton of aiming exercises done in camp, Combat Archery Tag is going to be a piece of cake! Here’s your chance at tagging your friends if that’s what you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Get your mask on, set your arrows, and you’re ready to go!

2. BBQ Challenge

Since BBQ food is something we all love consuming, why not turn it into a challenge? Time to gather the best cooks among your NS mates and get grilling! It doesn’t matter if your team isn’t made up of the best cooks, as the memories made are what matters. The team that gets to whip up the most delicious dish and has the best presentation will win this game. Ultimately, everyone has an enjoyable time grilling and eating until your bellies are filled!

3. Bubble Soccer

If food isn’t your kind of game, there’s always Bubble Soccer to ensure you have a bumping good time! This game is sure to be popular among the guys as it is a hybrid of soccer and rugby chucked into a game. It’s easy to run around and kick a soccer ball. But it’s a totally different game when you include a Bubble Soccer suit. Running around in these suits will get anyone sweating and panting in no time. Fun fact: No one has left the pitch with a frown on their faces after playing Bubble Soccer!

4. Canopy Walk

Fancy a walk in nature? Then you should try SAFRA’s Canopy Walk! This walk involves walking 15m above ground and going past 4 obstacles. While you’re at it, you’ll be greeted with the beautiful views of Yishun Park from above. It’s sure to get your heart racing especially if you’re afraid of heights. To the soldiers who aren’t, this is going to be super easy. Go ace it!

5. Karaoke

Whether you’re a singer or not, singing out loud is something we all do! Book a KTV room for you and your bunkmates to enjoy singing out loud. And you might have just found something in common with your NS mates through this session.  It’s not everyday you get to karaoke with them so ensure you make the best out of it!

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