5 Fun and Unique Team Building Activities for Adults

We believe that team building games aren’t only limited to corporate companies but within families too.  It’s important for families to have a strong bond, as it’ll set the bar for the future generation.  Instead of camping at Starbucks or Coffee Bean to gossip, it’s best you put that energy into team building activities. So here are 5 fun games for adults to try and bond over with!

1. Bubble Bump

This isn’t anything like your boring card games or gossiping over coffee. Bubble bump is a game that incorporates the concept of soccer and rugby, which makes for a perfect team building game. It may seem like a rough sport at first but even the softest ladies have given this a try. You’ll be fully protected in a zorb ball while bumping into your family members or getting bumped by them. Expect lots of rolling on the floor and endless laughter on the pitch. You’ll leave the pitch sweaty but with no regrets.  Bubble bump is THE game anyone would love!

2. Pass on the Hula Hoop

Hula hoops are such a childhood classic game that anyone would have recalled playing years ago. Why not relive those memories but with a slight twist to it? Divide everyone into equal teams and ensure that they are all holding hands.  This game will start by the facilitator putting in a hula hoop into one of the person’s hand. The objective of pass on the hula hoop is to make sure the hula hoop gets passed around the circle without letting off the hands. The first team to break links will be disqualified.

3. Giant Twister

Another old school game that everyone loves is the giant twister. It’s definitely the game to make you stretch your limbs and be in the most awkward positions. But hey, this is what makes it all fun! Here’s a refresher for those who have forgotten how to play the giant twister.  The facilitator will call out the colours that you’re supposed to place one of your legs on. This game goes on until someone falls out. Tips to win the game: stretch and take the colour nearest to you.

4.  Pop the Balloon

Players will be separated into teams with each person having a blown balloon to themselves. Each team will be told to stand behind the starting line. When the whistle blows, the games begin. The first runner of each time will dash to the end point, sit on the balloon in hopes to pop it, and runs back to their team for the next person to go over. This cycle continues until the last person of the team manages to pop their balloon. The first team to complete popping all balloons wins this game!

5. Soy Candle Making

For those who love scents, this soy candle-making workshop is for you. You’ll get to make your candles from scratch starting from the scent to colour and adding on different materials to make it uniquely yours.  You can choose to have the workshop at your partnered venues or your own location. This might be one of the most relaxing workshops listed here but it’s still as thrilling! This therapeutic session will make you feel at ease. The best part is being able to bring home the candle you’ve made and light it up in your home.

We're excited to introduce our newest Virtual Team Building Activities!

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