5 Fun Games For Kids To Play On School Holidays

The school holidays are finally here and there’s no better way than to celebrate it with fun activities! We believe that every child deserves a good break just as much as adults do too. Their kind of break, however, is getting involving in super duper fun games. How apt is the timing that now it’s the school holidays! If you’re looking for games to occupy your child or to celebrate their birthdays, here are 5 of the best from out list:

1. Augmented Reality Climb

Unlike conventional rock climbing, the augmented reality climb has an interactive wall combining computer games and bouldering. This technology originated from Finland and it was brought into Singapore making it the first of its kind here. They also have a variety of competitive game modes with varying difficulty levels for climbers to experience and have an enjoyable time. It’s also through this climb that children can learn about teamwork, communication, and good sportsmanship. This game is suitable for all kids and adults who are looking to have fun!

2. Bubble Soccer

A game that your kids would never want to miss is the bubble soccer! This sport is a hybrid of soccer and rugby, which your kids will love. Every kid will be given a bubble suit that protects the upper torso and head. Hence, falling down wouldn’t be an issue as the cushion from the bubble suits protects them. We have the kids and adult size bubble suits so that parents can join too! Plus, the bubble soccer games are simple enough for your kids to understand. They’re sure to have a bumping good time and remember this experience for a lifetime. Book a session of Bubble Soccer with The Fun Empire now!

3. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving isn’t only limited to adults as kids can now participate in this fun activity. The Adventour conducts these try-out classes to expose kids to the aquatic environment. It’s meant to challenge the kids and get them beyond their comfort zones while experiencing uncertainty in a different environment. Not to fret, this scuba diving class is absolutely safe for your kid. Through this lesson, your kids will also build on great qualities such as being a determined and tough individual.

4. Laser Tag

Whether you’re a girl or guy, laser tag is something that anyone will enjoy playing. We use lightweight guns that emit infrared lights, which don’t hurt a single bit if it hits your body. Unlike other laser tags, ours don’t require wearing a vest. This means you’re able to run around freely without an object obstructing your performance during the game. Games such as elimination, capture the flag, and the last king can be played with laser tag. On top of that, it’s so safe that you won’t need to put on a mask to protect yourselves. Book a session of Laser Tag with The Fun Empire now!

5. Caterpillar Race

Alternatively, you could pull out some classic games that don’t involve technology. The caterpillar race involves 2 teams in a straight line trying to get to the finishing line with a balloon in between them. You can balance the balloon by using your chest and the back of the person in front of you. If the balloon happens to drop, the entire team has to go down together and pick it up before resuming the game. The fastest one to reach the finishing line is crowned the champion!

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