5 Outdoor Team Building Activities

If you’re sick of the staying in the office and need some sunshine, here are 5 outdoor team building activities that you can try when time permits. Every office needs to balance out work and play, and team building not only allows everyone to let off steam and pent-up frustrations, but the takeaways from these activities are so relevant to the workplace! Read below and get ready to come back to work refreshed:

1. Paintball

There’s no better way to effect strategising and communications within your workplace. With paintball, develop and train your problem solving skills under pressure as you and your team try to reach the various game objectives, all while having fun at the same time! Get into your paintball suits and be ready to shoot away.

2. Outdoor laser tag

Similar to paintball, but minus the paint-stained clothes and well, the element of surprise when you feel yourself get shot. In this team building activity of outdoor laser tag, rid yourself of stress as you roam in the open air and use trees and shrubs to hide! Definitely can’t do this in an indoor environment, so seize the opportunity to try this out and engage your inner forest ranger.

3. Beach Volleyball

Ready for some sunshine, sea and sand? If yes, then what better way to spend the day with your colleagues then playing beach volleyball! Be prepared to work up a sweat in this team building activity as you serve and spike all your stress away! Also, what other fun way is there then to have a picnic at the beach after that – what a chance to get to know one another better!

4. Dragon Boating

If you’re up to get wet and wild, then dragon boating is all for you. Think of burning muscles, the rhythmic pounding of drums and the sounds of splashing water. Dragon boating is a great team building activity because of the amount of coordination it requires! Every team member has to paddle in the same direction and with the same rhythm to propel the boat through the water swiftly. Timing is key in this one!

5. Go-Karting

Need for speed? Well if you love adrenaline pumping through your veins and wind rushing through your hair, then Go-Kart racing is for you! Have friendly competitions between you and your co-workers as you race against one another. This team building activity motivates and challenges your team to give the best that they can. Pump up your team spirit with this one!


If you need indoor team building activities, read here!

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