5 Reasons Combat Archery Tag is Perfect for Birthday Parties

Struggling to find fun activities to include for your birthday party? We’ve got you covered! Try playing a game of combat archery tag where you’ll get to unleash your inner Katniss. It’s an intense yet safe gameplay that people of all ages can enjoy. Combat archery tag may be a little tough for those unfamiliar with the weapons but our facilitators will get you comfortable in a jiffy.  If you’re still in doubt, here are 5 reasons to convince why combat archery tag is the perfect game for birthday parties!

1. Combat archery tag is the new craze

When it comes to birthday parties, you would want to ensure that everything provided for is fresh and new. And what better way than to bring in a new game? Combat archery tag is not just an ordinary game where you can get at toy stores.  In fact, it’s nothing serious like archery. We offer combat archery tag in a more fun and safe manner.

2. Combat archery tag includes everyone

In each game, there are only a total of 12 players allowed. If you’ve got a bigger crowd, the rest not participating in the game can immerse themselves in other activities. Combat archery tag makes you feel inclusive and ensures each person has a role to play in the game. You could be the bow collector, the one shooting your enemies, or the one to distract your enemies by playing tricks.

3. Combat archery tag is safe

Put your worries aside as our combat archery tag is extremely safe. We have a similar to playing archery. However, our arrows are padded which means that you won’t get hurt if it hits you. For maximum safety, we also provide masks for everyone in the game to wear. All you have to do is adhere to the rules given by our facilitators. In return, a game of combat archery tag will be something you’ll remember a lifetime.

4. Combat archery tag can be conducted anywhere

The good thing about our combat archery tag is it can be held both indoors and outdoors. We can offer you our partner venues such as Cage @ Kallang, FutsalArena @ Yishun, and Premier Pitch @ Turf City. Whether rain or shine, a game of combat archery tag still goes on as our partner venues are all sheltered. If you’ve got a preferred location, we can bring our bows and arrows to you too!

5. Combat archery tag is easy to play

We know how precious time is during birthday parties. So we wouldn’t want anyone to waste time learning how to play a certain game. Rest assured, combat archery tag is simple to understand and you’ll pick up the skills of shooting pretty quickly. On top of that, the games played are straightforward that even the slowest person to grasp in the time will be able to get it. Thus, everyone is able to enjoy the game and give their utmost best!

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