5 Reasons Corporate Fitness Is Important In The Workplace

Have you ever wondered where you spent most of your time? Work. Most people have devoted their time to work and some have even gone to the extent of “marrying” their jobs. Whether you are a workaholic or not, it is important to always allocate time to exercise for your mental and physical well-being. As such, a lot of companies are implementing corporate fitness programmes in the office. It could be an on-site gym or even going to workout classes together such as SaberFit. So here are 5 reasons corporate fitness is important!

1. Increased productivity at work

People exercise for various reasons – to de-stress or remove negative energy. Exercising simply releases endorphins which has a positive effect on your body and thus, makes you a happier being. A happier employee also means a more productive employee. Employees tend to produce quantity and quality work compared to unhealthy employees. Hence, it is important that companies take action to lower the stress levels for employees to increase their overall output.

2. Counter rising healthcare cost

With every New Year, the cost of healthcare does not get any cheaper. If you are in a start-up company, you know that you cannot afford to spend a lot on healthcare too. With corporate fitness programmes, employees will be in the pink of health and fit enough for work. As such, you can save your worries on spending a huge sum on healthcare cost. Some companies have even presented rebates to employees who have participated in the corporate fitness programmes to encourage them to go for more.

3. Keep up with the fitness trends

Doing typical exercises alone would not encourage anyone to participate in corporate fitness programmes. Thus, it should follow new fitness trends that are unique and fun! It is only normal for human beings to love being challenged in various ways in order for change to happen. A workout needs to have a punch – one that actually gets you panting but leaves you with a satisfactory smile. Furthermore, keeping up with the latest trends might also ensure long-term success of the programme.

4. Increase in employee retention

As we have mentioned previously, exercising makes people happy. There is never a time where a person is done with their workout and frowns. The corporate fitness programme is here to create the work-life balance. It is tiring to be facing the computer and straining your eyes all day. However, clocking in an hour of exercise should do the trick to make you feel a lot better. A happier employee also means there are more chances that he or she will retain in the company. Therefore, companies with corporate fitness programmes experience a lower rate of employee turnover.

5. Prevent from getting chronic diseases

It is good to remain healthy as this ensures lower risk of you getting chronic diseases. These illnesses are such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and obesity. While you are still able to prevent it, leverage on this privilege and take action. You can plan realistic goals and take actionable steps towards putting bad habits to a halt. But first, employees need to be able to commit mentally, physically, and emotionally for progress to happen. With the corporate fitness programme, it should address on matters like this and educate employees on healthy ways to prevent from getting chronic diseases.

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