5 Reasons Go Kart Racing is a Great Team Building Activity


Organising a team building event can be a little tricky. It is never just about picking a random game that everyone can partake in. You need to take into account the participants’ interests and needs. If you have got a team of sporty people, try go-karting for your next team building activity. Here are 5 reasons on why you should consider go-kart racing!

1. Brings the team together

Forget about all the grudges, disagreements, and feuds you face in the office. It is time to put your helmet on and gear up for a night full of fun. Whether you are the boss of the company or just an intern, this friendly competition is going to set the hierarchies aside. Feel the adrenaline rush of racing with your colleagues as you challenge to get past each other on the racecourse. Amidst all the fierceness of wanting to win the race, you might breakout into laughter when you see your friends crashing into the barriers. At the end of the day, you are going to remember this event of go-karting for a lifetime!

2. An engaging activity

Boring team building games are not going to make anyone feel engaged. However, go-kart racing is a unique team building activity and not many would have tried it before. As such, you can ensure that participants will have a splendid time! Instead of feeling bored, they are going to be immersed in trying to beat the highest score for the day.

3. No driving license required

Some of you might not have your driving license yet. Not to fret as go-karting do not require any driving license! There are 3 different driving speeds catered to the ones with no driving license, with driving license, and the expert racers. Those with no driving license will have to go at a speed of 30km per hour while licensed drivers drive at 50km per hour. If you are an advanced driver, you can get on their race karts and race at higher speeds. The go-karts are easy to use so familiarise yourself with the gears and you are good to go!

4. Helps you focus on a common goal

Team building activities are meant to help you focus on working towards a common goal. Similar to the concept of that is also racing on your go-kart and making sure you complete the racecourse to the best of your ability. This promotes interaction among colleagues and friends. This skill of communicating effectively can be transferred to the workplace. Not only will it help to improve office environment, it will also get your business to grow.

5. A good way to de-stress

There is no one job that is stress-free. Even the simplest of jobs is bound to make you stress at one point. If you are looking to de-stress, go-kart racing it is. Put your negative energies into use while you are speeding on the racecourse.  It is quite a great feeling to be hearing the engine as you rev up and wind blowing in your hair as you speed around the track. This, in a way, makes you feel relaxed and allows you to be carefree for a little while.

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