5 Reasons Why Paintball Contributes To Team Building

The world of paintball has become more prevalent over the years in Singapore. While many view this activity to pass their free time, or just to have fun, it is also a great way for team building! Here are 5 reasons how paintball helps foster team building:

1. Communication is a must

In paintball, communicating to each other while playing is a challenge because who knows, a paintball may come flying your way any second! Paintball challenges you to talk to one another to strategise your game plan, even while being shot at. If you managed to do it while playing, we’re pretty certain you can communicate under any other circumstance.

This team building aspect in paintball will definitely prove to be one of the most useful in the workplace!

2. You constantly look out for one another

Remember to watch each other’s back! In paintball, it isn’t uncommon when the opponent sneaks up on you to shoot you from the back, and that is why this team building activity requires team members to look out for one another.

Likewise, in the workplace, we always have to try to help out one another if the individual faces challenges along to the way. Work on this aspect of continually looking out for one another on the paintball field, and put your reflexes to the test! Eventually, it’ll become a natural instinct even in the workplace!

3. You get to know one another better

People work best with those they are comfortable with. Well in paintball, be prepared to shoot at one another, all in the name of good fun and team building. Having a team building activity like this increases team spirit and allows for stress relief!

Through playing the game, also get to know one another’s strengths and weaknesses and learn to adapt them to your workplace!

4. You solve problems together under pressure

Just like solving problems to reach your goals in the workplace, paintball as a team building activity likewise promotes the same concept – there are goals in a paintball game to achieve if you want to win! And yes, it may require some meticulous planning for you and your team to reach this goal, all while trying to prevent yourself (and your teammates!) from being hit by your opponent.

Working together under pressure is a good way to foster team building. Paint between you and your colleagues, and is so relevant in the workplace where you need to come up with a countless number of creative solutions under strict deadlines!

5. Hones leadership qualities

In paintball, some will lead, while others will follow. The great thing about doing this team building activity means that it is not necessary for the team leader in the workplace to lead, but all team members are given the opportunity to step up and be proactive in leading their team to strategise and conquer!

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