5 Reasons Why Poolball Is Cooler Than Your Classic Game of Pool

Check out the top 5 reasons why poolball is cooler than your classic game of pool!

         1.    A whole new level of playing field, literally- you have tried pool with cues, but this time its pool with legs. Situated inside our partnering pitches, this is a whole new level combining pool and soccer with the biggest pool table you’ll ever find. Our custom made 4 metre by 7 metre poolball table.

            2.         Mental not physical- if you prefer a less physically exhausting activity, this would be your ideal choice. Unlike other physically draining sports, Poolball drains your idea to strategize among your team to win the game

            3.         Work your mind, beat your opponent by strategising among your team on how to win, where to place the balls and which player will take the goal.

            4.         All our Poolball games consist of team building elements- suitable for all events from birthday parties to casual playing session to cooperate events.

            5.         Sabotage your friends- with our unique games which includes power elements to sabotage your friend, you are definitely going to have a fun time enjoying the performance.

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