5 Reasons Why Team Building Is Important

Are you among one of those people who dread team building activities? You probably aren’t alone. Most people would think that team building is a waste of time and what more with boring activities. However, times have changed and so does the activities. There are so many interesting and fun team building games to try outdoors and which you can bond over with your colleagues. A good relationship forms a better culture within the company and therefore makes a successful company. If you’re still not convinced why team building is important, here are 5 quick reasons:

1. Improves communication

As with most team building activities, it would definitely help in improving communication. Team building activities encourage you to communicate with your colleagues in order to solve the problems and work together as a team. Divide your team into equal groups and get them to participate in the games competitively. With the same goal of winning in mind, it forces everyone to communicate and brainstorm ideas to make their goal come true. That’s when you notice your colleagues speaking to you in an informal tone and therefore breaks the tension of all seriousness of being in the office. Hopefully, this attitude of communicating effectively will be implemented to the office culture and improve the productivity and efficiency within the team.

2. Being able to ease conflicts

Let’s be honest here. You can’t possibly please everyone at your workplace. Conflicts usually arise due to the differences in personality and opinions on certain things. This could lead you to not be in talking terms or even befriend the particular person that you’re against. Here’s when team building games come into place. Conduct team building games once a month or even quarterly for your colleagues to have the time to build rapport with each other and bond through the games. Pick the kind of games where your employees can get to know their colleagues on a personal level rather than just work level. Start off with an ice breaker game where everyone is able to get pumped up and comfortable with their group mates. Avoid conducting team building activities at the office as that’s where most conflicts arise!

3. Motivates you to do better

Every company should adopt the culture that a sports team has. Working together as a team with a common goal and celebrating after winning any major championship. This applies for any team building activity when you win a friendly match against your colleagues. Celebrations are a way to show that you recognise your employees’ hardwork and efforts. In turn, they will be more motivated to do better in their work and achieve even greater things! No matter how small or big the achievement is, always celebrate the victory!

4. Teamwork makes the dream work

You can never run away from doing projects at work. Projects don’t involve only 1 person but a team of people. An effective team is one that works together and not independently. It can be a little tough to work as a team when you have yet to know your team members’ strengths and weaknesses. Team building activities can improve your working relationship, establish a stronger bond, and helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your colleagues. That way, projects won’t be a dread to most people, as you know that your input would be important.

5. Build on that trust

It’s normal to build a wall as a form of guarding yourself especially when you’re meeting new people. No one could immediately trust a person at his or her first few encounters. Trust needs to be built overtime. With team building activities put in place, it does just that; increasing trust within your employees and their colleagues. It disconnects the hierarchy in the office and bridges the gap between bosses and employees. Team building games allows the person of the higher authority to be on the same level and seen as a colleague instead. In other words, be a friend to your employees!

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