5 Secrets To Achieving Work Life Balance 2018

We have been told to find work that is enjoyable and fulfilling. Some of you are doing exactly what you love while others may not. However, even those who love their job can experience burn out. Why? It is simply because they overdo it. Striking a work-life balance is important in maintaining your health and retention in the company. So here are 5 ways to achieve a work-life balance in 2018!

1. Learn to let go of unimportant things

Sometimes, we try so hard to please the people around us. But no matter what we do, we can never really please everyone. This is when you need to learn how to say no. Remove the things in your life that are stressing you out, as they usually do not matter. You will realise that a huge burden has been lifted off your shoulders. As such, it frees you up for more important things in life.

2. Set boundaries at work

The advancement of technology has eased our daily lives more than we know it. One of the ways is being able to communicate with our colleagues just through chatting platforms and this has tremendously helped with productivity. On the downside, you are also making yourself available around the clock. To avoid this from happening, discuss with your boss on what they expect of you and your availability outside of work. This could be anything such as taking calls and replying to emails. Also, if need be, how often are you able to work overtime. When the expectations are set and clear, you are less likely to fall into a cycle of working past the office hours.

3. Surround yourself with great company

You can work all you want but never forget to find life outside of the office. This typically involves surrounding yourself with great company. Make plans with people who matter and make sure to give your 110% when you are with them. Instead of doing the usual hangout activity, you can arrange for a day to play laser tag with your friends. Laser tag is a game that involves lightweight guns, a little bit of running, and a ton of fun! So quit adding unnecessary things to your schedule, as this may be exhaustive to your time and wallet.

4. Organise team building activities

All work and no play is not going to make work life any fun. If you take the time to organise such team building activities, you are actually providing a work life balance for your team. Engage them in exciting games such as bubble soccer and archery tagBubble soccer is a contact sport that has a similar concept to soccer while you go around bumping your opponents. On the other hand, the action-packed archery tag is a combination of paintball and dodgeball except that it is a lot safer. Get them to participate in these games and big smiles are all you are going to see!

5. Never be afraid to ask for help

The stronger your support system is, the happier and more productive you will be. This is the time for you to reach out to your network. Need to vent all your anger? Call a friend and talk. Need help with your workload? Get a colleague to help you out. We need to accept that sometimes the demands are beyond what we can handle. It is also perfectly fine to ask for help. Just be sure to do the same for those who have helped you in times of need.

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