5 Short Games You Can Play To Encourage Team Building

Want to get your office to mingle and get to know each other better but don’t know how to start? Fret not, below are a variety of 15-minute team building games to help break the ice!

1. Paper Charades

What better way to improve communication and teamwork between your colleagues than Paper Charades! In this game, split up the office into two groups of even numbers, and have them pair up and sit back to back. For each pair, one individual will be given a pen and paper while the other will be given an image and a list of words that cannot be said to describe the image. The person with the image will have to describe it to their partner, who will draw it out. The aim is to have the most number of pairs who succeed in drawing the image described.

2. Spot the lie

To improve team building, it is always best to get to know whom you’re working with! Have everyone sit in a circle and think of 2 truths and 1 lie. In turns, get each player to say all three statements while the rest of the players guess which one is the lie. Break into smaller groups if there are too many players for one group to facilitate the game more quickly!

3. Blind Shapes

Multitask and engage both leadership and team building skills in this game.  Have all your players blindfolded, and elect a “leader” who will be given a shape. The leader will then give instructions to his or her blindfolded players who are to form the shape. Add an element of time pressure to increase difficulty!

4. Save the Ship

Work together, solve together! In this team building game, provide your players with materials to build a boat, such as aluminium foil, straws, plasticine and whatever else you think appropriate. Split them into groups and ensure that each group has an equal amount of materials. Get each group to build a ship that they think can hold as much weight as possible. Once all groups are ready, place the ships into a tub of water, and fill each ship with as many marbles as possible, before it sinks. The group whose ship managed to hold the most number of marbles before sinking wins!

5. String Drawings

This game is simple to set up, but difficult to achieve its goal. All you will need are markers, lots of string (twine is recommended!), and mah-jong paper. Tie one length of string around a marker per person taking part in this activity. Each person then grabs the end of one string tied to the marker, and the whole group will then have to draw a sad picture of choice onto the mah-jong paper. Let your creativity loose!

If you’re looking for team building games for corporate events or longer office bonding sessions, do check out our workshops, Combat Archery TagLaser Tag or Bubble Soccer as options!

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