5 Soapy Team Building Games

We often hear of team building games that only require a few materials, or take up little time. But what about team building games that use soap?

1. Soap soccer

Soccer, but more fun, and instead of your feet, you get to use your hands! Simply lay down a big enough groundsheet (preferably outdoors, because things will get messy!), and lather up the entire groundsheet with liquid soap, set up two goal posts, and you’re good to go! The best part? You play soap soccer by moving on your knees or even while sitting, and you use your hands to pass the bar of soap! Engage your team building skills to strategise a game plan!

Of course, if you’re looking forward to a different type of soccer, you can check out our bubble soccer!

2. Soap bowling

Similar to soap soccer, but this is less messy! Once again, lay down a groundsheet and lather up! But this time, use plastic cups as the bowling pins, and the bar of soap is your bowling ball. So line up, and slide the “bowling ball” to hit as many “pins” as you can in this team building session.

3. Pass the soap

Soap makes everything more slippery and therefore more difficult to handle. In this team building game, get your team members to form two rows, with each pair about 2 feet apart. Arm each pair with a trash bag and get each pair to toss the soap using only the trash bag! Remember to lather the soap to make it extra slippery! The last pair has to aim to toss the soap into a bucket. Make use of your communication and teamwork skills to complete the game without dropping the soap to the floor.

4. Soapy twister

Twist, turn, and slide? For this one, all you need is a regular Twister set, and lots of soap! Lather up your entire Twister mat and start playing – and try not to slide too much while you’re at it. This team building activity is bound to improve your coordination and communication with one another!

But soapy Twister, while fun, can only accommodate a handful of people at most. If you’re looking for Twister for more people, check out our Giant Twister as a team building activity instead!

5. Mouse and soap

Ever played dog and bone? Well, this is exactly the same, but use a bar of soap as your “bone” instead! Yes, running after a bar of soap sounds ridiculous, but wait till you start playing – you can’t grab on as quickly because it slips all over! Of course, do remember to lather the soap continuously or the whole point of Mouse and Soap would be defeated. Remember to look out for each other being called in this fun team building game!

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