5 Team Building Activities for Starting a New Year

1.  Kayaking or Canoeing

If you have sporty people in the company, go for a kayak or canoe session. Nothing screams quite like “let’s work together” until you are thrown in the waters. Kayaking and canoeing can be held at Bedok Reservoir, Jurong Lake, Lower Seletar Reservoir, MacRitchie Reservoir, Marina Reservoir, and Pandan Reservoir. Allow your employees to pair up with someone whom they do not usually work with and rent a multi-person kayak or canoe from these places. Paddle hard, bond, and enjoy a scenic view of Singapore as you paddle around!

2. Improv workshops

Improv or improvisation is a kind of activity typically used in theatre where actors react to a situation without being instructed. Following that, others around them will have to do the same. This allows people to feed off each other’s energy, listen and observe more, while being creative as possible! Amidst all the laughter it brings, improv workshops will teach them communication and soft skills that may come in handy at work. Engage The Improv Company to get your improv workshop for the next team building event.

3.  Bubble Bump

Looking to bring something fresh for your team building games? We would recommend playing bubble bump by The Fun Empire. This relatively new and exciting gameplay is a combination of rugby and soccer. Everyone will be suited up in the bubble suits and allowed to purposefully bump into their opponents. With so many variants to this game, bubble bump is a team building activity that employees will love for sure. It is a little tiring and you will end up sweating but rest assured it is super fun. This game is going to leave you laughing till your stomach cramps!

4. The Human Knot

One of the most classic team building games of all time is the human knot. Some of us would have recalled playing this back in the day as an icebreaker during camps. Why not relive this moment again? Not only will you get to reminisce, but perhaps create greater memories with a different group of people. This game is simple yet tricky and requires patience. In a circle, everyone is to put out their right hand and reach out for any person across them. Do the same for the left hand. Once that is completed, begin to untangle the human knot you have created within a time limit.

5. Karaoke all night

Everyone has a talent in something – singing, dancing, crafting, or cooking. The people around you at work might have one of these talents but they are unseen as you only see them at work. So it is time to unleash these talents! One of the best ways to do so or even get employees out of their shell is to go on karaoke night. Split everyone into equal groups and have a contest on the best group karaoke performance. Be a little extra with items such as cowboy hats and feather boas for the fun of it. If you are with a group of people that are introverted, find something that works best. Ultimately, sing your hearts out and enjoy!

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