5 Team Building Games That Don’t Require Any Materials

Want team building games to be hassle free? One way to do so would be to have games that allow team building, but yet, require no equipment or materials whatsoever, except you and your teammates!

1. I have ever

This team building activity is best to get to know one another better – something that is essential for the team to grow in their relationships with each other. In this game, get everyone to hold out five fingers. Each one then takes a turn to say something interesting that they have done before or has happened to them before, and whoever has experienced the same thing will have to close a finger. The last man standing wins the game! The great thing is that this game is not time-consuming, and promotes honesty and trust within the group.

2. Don’t laugh

This game is a great one for relieving stress when team building. The aim of the game is to make everyone laugh, except you. Take turns to tell something funny. The last person to laugh wins the round! Whoever laughs when they are sharing will have to do a forfeit. Think up funny ones for even more laughs!

3. Human obstacle course

This team building game is one that requires great communication and coordination skills to complete! Get everyone into pairs, and get all the pairs except one, who will wait outside the activity room, to form an “obstacle course”. For the sole pair waiting outside, blindfold one of them, and lead them back into the room. The partner who is not blindfolded will then give instructions to guide his or her partner across the “obstacle course” to the other side of the room. Repeat with every pair. Listen closely so you don’t bump into your co-workers!

4. Human Knot

This is a classic example of team building. Most of us would have played this before, but for those who have not, the game instructions are to form a circle and have everyone hold onto another person’s hand within that circle, excluding the hands of the people directly next to them. From there, aim to untangle yourselves without letting go of who you are holding on to! To add a spin on this game, form smaller groups and see which group can untangle themselves the fastest!

5. Commonalities

This last team building activity helps your team to find similar hobbies, food, likes or dislikes, movies, music – basically anything that they have in common. Think of a theme, and then get everyone to walk around the room and find people who have similar traits or likes as them.  Once this is done, get them to then come up with a list of stereotypical qualities of that particular trait or like, and behave as such for the rest of the day (or you can set whatever time limit you like!). At the end of the day, discuss these stereotypes and how accurate they actually. This activity allows your team to get rid of the judgments of one another and to bond!

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