5 teambuilding activities that are the hype now

Companies these days regularly organize team building activities/ cohesion activities because of the increasing consensus that a healthy work culture leads to a better company productivity. But do you know what suits or works best for your company’s day out of the office? These days are in limited supply, better to choose wisely… Fret not, at TFE we have a full range of arsenal at our disposal to tackle any demands you may have. The ones we are going to recommend here is hearsay what companies enjoyed and benefitted the most so we are going to share them with you too.

1. Terrarium / Art Jamming

On such a rare day out of the office, what better way to commemorate it than taking a terrarium you designed with your own hands or an artwork you single handedly paint with every stroke back home. These creative activities help to give office workers an experience that invokes calmness and tranquility, giving colleagues a golden time to talk about anything under the Sun without worrying about work related stuff. Perhaps it is the office’s stress inducing nature that makes this the top choice amongst our clients.

2. Laser Tag

Does sitting in the office all day long make you restless and craving for some action? Laser tag will give you a blast into the past, feeling the nostalgia from your childhood. Running around as adults might sound so childish, but no one – I repeat, no one can resist the temptation of wielding a laser gun and feeling like a kid again. Besides, what better way is it to tear down the wall between co-workers than to play like kids together. Bonding through the power of play is just what we do.

3. Bubble Bump

Should you feel that laser guns are too mild and crave something with more contact, we have the appropriate activity for you. Bubble bump lets you bring out all the fight in you, and yet everyone is laughing and smiling at the end of the day, most importantly no one is missing a tooth. While intense, this game is perfectly safe for you and your colleagues to get a good bump together. Teambuilding may be ineffective with just words, after all actions speak louder than words, just go in there and have some fun.

4. Saberfit

The 21st century working culture preaches for work-life balance, not only work and family but also lifestyle activities, keeping oneself fit goes a long way towards one’s health. In Saberfit, companies can provide a convenient team-building opportunity for its employees to be fit and do so with the colleagues that they work with daily. Finding gym buddies is not easy, but when you sign up Saberfit for your firm, your colleagues are now your gym buddies too. Now you have one more reason to keep your fitness in check.

5. Poolball

The Fun Empire have reinvented the Pool game that is popular in bars into Poolball, which is a mix between Pool and soccer. Instead of a pool table, we have a soccer pitch as a ‘table’ and we use the player’s leg as a cue instead. The game does not require much physical exertion, instead of relying more on teamwork and communication to get the ball into the pool pockets. Also, there are various ways to play Poolball, one of which is sabotage, which compels players to cooperate to do funny movements. For example, piggyback a teammate to hit the ball, or play this round blindfolded. Perfect for any crowd to loosen up and step out of their comfort zone to communicate and execute hilarious actions in the presence of their co-workers. At the end of the day, everyone gets a good laugh and thus, a great team building exercise.

We're excited to introduce our newest Virtual Team Building Activities!

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