5 Things You Need To Know About Poolball

Want to try a new activity but don’t know any? Well, here’s one for you: Poolball. Poolball is becoming more and more popular in Singapore, and if you don’t know what it is, here are some poolball facts!

1. Poolball uses giant sized pool balls

Forget the ordinary pool balls you see when you play pool in bars or lounges. In poolball, everything is upsized! The pool balls used in this game are the same size as soccer balls. Well of course, that means that the pitches used for the game play are bigger than a pool table as well!

2. You kick

We guess you could say that poolball includes some element of soccer – kicking. Yes, forget the cue sticks. They’re not going to be of any use to you in poolball at all. Kick striped or coloured soccer balls into the pockets of the playing pitch!

3. Your aim makes your game

In poolball, kicking is one thing. Aiming is another. Poolball does not just require kicking coloured or striped balls into the pockets, but instead, you have to kick the white ball and use that to hit the striped or coloured ones into the pockets! And yes, the winner will also be determined by who hits the black number 8 ball into the pocket at the end of the game!

4. Strategic planning

Similar to pool, there is some strategy needed for this team building game! While pool only has one variation of the game itself, this is not the case with poolball. Different scenarios and situations can be combined in a game of poolball (such as Sabotage or Battlefield, find out more here!) to make it more challenging and problem solving-based!

5. There is no age limit for poolball

No need to be concerned! Poolball is suitable for all ages! Whether you’re young or younger, poolball doesn’t discriminate! Try poolball as a family activity one day, we guarantee lots of fun!

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