5 Tips To Play Combat Archery Tag Safely

Combat Archery Tag is an action-packed gameplay that anyone would love. Whether you’re physically fit or fab, the game of Combat Archery Tag will be one to remember a lifetime. But before starting on it, here are 5 tips to play Combat Archery Tag safely:

1. Don’t dry fire

We know that most people wouldn’t be able to contain their excitement upon seeing our bows and arrows. Before you even know it, everyone’s got their hands on a bow just to try it out. This is also known as dry firing. We would not recommend anyone to dry fire as you could potentially hurt yourself. It’s best to listen to instructions given by the facilitator and follow just as what you’re told.

2. Know how to use your weapon

If you really want to be in top form, knowing how to use your weapon is so important. The 2 things you’ll need are arrows and a bow. During the briefing, pay attention to how the facilitator uses it. You will also be given some time to test the arrows with your bow before the game starts. Make sure you make full use of this time so you can be at your best during the game!

3. Wear the mask at all times

Besides weapons, you are required to put on the mask at all times. Although our arrows come with foam tips, it’s best to always be safe than sorry. You wouldn’t want that arrow landing on any part of your face!

4. Aim at the upper body

If you haven’t already known, our arrows are extremely safe because they are covered with foam at the tip. But this doesn’t mean you can go around shooting your friends in the head. Try aiming at the upper body, as it’s safer that way!

5. Don’t play if you’re unwell

Before playing Combat Archery Tag, our facilitators will make it a point to ask everyone if anyone’s feeling unwell. Don’t force yourself to play just because it looks super fun. There’s always a next time for you to pop by and play! Also, sit out and take a rest if you feel giddy halfway through the game. Our facilitators can take over your position if there’s no one else from your team to replace you.

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