5 Traits Combat Archery Tag Teaches Your Team

Arrows shooting everywhere, people hiding behind forts, accompanied by shrill shrieks of fear. This paints the image of a battleground in one’s head. However, this is by no means a scene from The Hunger Games or The Walking Dead, but a thrilling game of combat archery tag. With its increasing popularity, many companies have been incorporating the game in their team building sessions. It’s not hard to see why, as combat archery tag is not only fun but also teaches you certain important traits that can’t be picked up in the office!

1. Teamwork

The popular phrase “one for all, all for one” is apt in this game. When you are on the battlefield, there is no one to rely on apart from your team members. Combat archery tag gives your team a clear idea of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and gives you a chance to improve your teamwork. Players will learn to watch out for each others’ backs while taking down the enemy together!

2. Communication

Combat archery tag teaches you that communication is key. To defeat the opposing team, players have to strategise with each other in order to come up with a clever plan and emerge victoriously. The game trains them to communicate effectively to get their main points across in a hectic situation and limited time frame, allowing them to do the same during work and enhance productivity!

3. Leadership

In every team, there needs to be a leader that provides guidance to the team. This is well portrayed in combat archery tag, where there must be one player in charge of leading the rest to defeat the enemy. This game is a good opportunity to see who has the potential to demonstrate leadership and provide direction to his teammates!

4. Adaptable

Just like the workplace, not everything will go your way in the game and unplanned circumstances will occur. Therefore, combat archery tag is a good practice for you to train your ability to think on the spot! This will translate to faster thinking skills in the workplace as you gain the capacity to adapt and solve problems effectively.

5. Goal-Oriented

A game of combat archery tag trains your teammates to work towards a common goal. This is similar to the workplace where certain expectations or KPIs must be met, especially if your job is a sales-oriented one. Although both involve a goal, the difference is that combat archery tag relieves stress and guarantees a day of fun!

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