5 Trends Of The Future Office

There’s a reason why everyone’s dream job is to work at places like Google or Apple – not only do they provide exceptional employee benefits, but these companies also have the coolest offices! On top of looking good, these offices foster workplace interaction and improve office culture significantly. Inevitably, much effort and thought is put into the designing of such work spaces. As a matter of fact, the guidelines for the wood used inside Apple’s new headquarters reportedly ran to a grand total of 30 pages! Unfortunately, not every company’s office look like Google or Apple’s, or even remotely close. So, here are 5 trends of the future office you should look out for so you can transform your office into the next dream work space!

1. Designated Rest Areas

Gone are the days where offices are filled with rigid white walls and desks with tons of people typing on their keyboards furiously. Offices of the future should have a cosy rest area to make working more enjoyable. Other than a lounge area, it will be even better if offices include sleeping pods! Whether is having a chat with team members or catching forty winks during lunch, your staff will be grateful for that extra thought put into your office design. Your efforts will be repaid with increased efficiency and productivity!

2. Movable Desks

By this, we don’t mean your usual light weight tables that can be moved around easily. We are referring to innovative desks that can be reconfigured to join together or work separately! The way the desks are attached is all up to the employees, depending on whether they have to work together on a task, or they prefer some time alone. Such desks increase flexibility, collaboration, as well as mobility of the office.

3. The “Superdesk”

We thought movable desks were cool, but have you heard of the superdesk? The superdesk at the Barbarian Group’s new headquarters in New York City is more than 4,400 square foot long, and it weaves through the 20,000 square foot office. It can sit up to 170 people at once! As the superdesk is also open concept, it not only looks cool but also serves as a way to foster interaction amongst employees. The superdesk is definitely a statement piece in your office, and it will undoubtedly bring the message to employees that they are not only choosing a job/employer, but also a new way of life.

4. Plants and Greenery

Besides looking good, it has been proven that adding plants and greenery to your office can improve employee productivity by 15%! These additions don’t have to transform your office into a garden, it can be as subtle as adding a small hanging garden above your conference table. Furthermore, another plus point to such decor is that plants require natural light to grow, and natural light diminishes minitor glare and reduces eye strains!

5. Cement Everything

Cement is the new trend of not only the office, but also homes, restaurants, and everywhere else. It’s no longer correlated to the outside but is instead a complement to the minimalist theme now! The neutral colours of the material, along with the addition of plants and greenery, creates a modern and industrial look for your office of the future.

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