5 Types of Laser Tag Games

If you love a thrilling, intense and realistic simulated combat experience, Laser Tag is definitely the game for you. It is much safer gameplay that does not require any physical contact. Simply because you can shoot someone even from a distance! Without further ado, let’s get started on the different kinds of games that can be played with the Laser Tag gun:

1. Laser Tag Game #1: Free For All

Before starting on the game, split the players into 2 to 4 teams. Each player will have a respawn box placed on his or her side of the field. You have to keep these 3 things in mind: shoot as many people possible, stay in the game, and learn how to use your weapon along the way.  The benefit of having the respawn box is being able to revive yourself after getting tagged. However, you need to quickly step out of the game to the respawn box before the timer expires! Get in the game once again and start shooting your opponents. This game is usually played as a warm-up so can shoot anyone till you’re satisfied!

2. Laser Tag Game #2: Capture The Flag

Likewise for Capture The Flag, all players will be separated into 2 teams. Each team is supposed to appoint a King who’ll be wearing a bib. It is up to you to strategise on how you would protect your Kings without getting him tagged. The main aim is to guard your King to your opponent’s home to capture the flag and back to your base. If your King dies first, then your opponent wins!

3. Laser Tag Game #3: Elimination

Your goal in this game is to eliminate all your opposing team members. Each player will be given a number of lives which also means that they can be tagged several times before they are officially out of the game. When you have no more lives left, you have to step aside and watch as the rest goes on. Warning: The laser is sensitive and it can even capture what’s coming ahead if you’re hiding behind a bunker. Be very careful!

4. Laser Tag Game #4: Medic

Both teams have to select one of their players to be a medic and you will know why later. Everyone will be given a time frame to eliminate as many team players from the opposing team. The player that you need to try to eliminate first is non-other than the opposing team’s medic. As long as you get tagged, you can run to your medic, get healed, and be back in the game. So by eliminating the opposing team’s medic first, the players can’t revive and continue the game. Hence, your team could be the potential winners!

5. Laser Tag Game #5: Battlefield

This is a game that’s like no other. Unused vests will be representing the mines that are going to be positioned at random around the Laser Tag arena. It will explode at intervals of time or a specified rate depending on the setter. The mines can be set as invulnerable where nothing can be done to stop it. However, if it’s off that mode, you can shoot to disable it for a while. Players will be warned prior to the “explosion”. So if you are unlucky to not hear the signal, you might get tagged.


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