5 Valuable Actions That Can Positively Change Your Team

When it comes to projects, it only means one thing – group work. Working as a team can be tough especially when everyone has differing opinions. But what really makes a good team? We believe in creating vibrant working environments with a balanced and talented group of individuals. They tend to hold such positive traits such as being strong-willed and always work towards team success. If you’re looking to positively change your team, here are 5 ways you can do it!

1.  Understand your goals

A successful team is born when each member of the group is completely aware of their group goals and how it can be achieved. The key to doing this is to be specific when giving instructions. With that, all members of the team can relate to the goal in a positive way while still understanding the impact they’ll leave. Despite knowing how crucial this act is, not many companies practice setting targets or have made the point across clearly.

2. Set meetings with a purpose

Most employees would dread going to meetings because it may sometimes be unnecessary. As a result, this could undermine serious meetings that actually have a purpose. You can solve this issue by scheduling themed meetings.

Here are some points to note:

  • Be precise from the start on what the theme of the meeting is

  • Plan on how you’re going to conduct the topic of discussion

  • Listen to all team members’ opinions

With this, you can ensure that meetings come with a purpose and nobody’s time is wasted.

3. Take initiative

We agree that a successful team is one with individuals that work together harmoniously. However, for a team to reach its fullest potential, every team member needs to take initiative. This can be done without pressuring one to take initiative. Start off by politely encouraging your team members to do so and spot the difference at the end of the month.

4.  Everyone’s opinions matter

Whether you’re a boss or just an employee on an internship, all opinions matter. It’s important that we respect and value other’s opinions as this is one of the ways to contribute to a positive working environment. You can instil this attitude through group work, meetings, and out-of-work activities. For group work, one can create a group with people of different skill sets so that everyone can learn from each other. During meetings, individuals can engage in a discussion after each person has presented their work. Lastly, go for lunch as a team or conduct team building games regularly.

5. Trust your employees’ judgement

Trust your employees even though you may not completely agree with what they have decided. After all, we can agree to disagree. We’ve also mentioned previously that getting constructive feedback from different team members will aid in better communication. This also shows that you value what they have to say. Besides, trusting your employees’ judgement encourages honesty in the group and develops a character that is consistent and mutual.

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