5 Ways To Be A Pro At Paintball

Love paintball and want to be good at it? Make your team building session more fun and exciting with these tips.

1. Find somewhere to bunkerPai

If you can’t hit them, make sure they don’t hit you! One key element in paintball are bunkers for you to seek shelter in. Make good use of them! Not are they only good for defence against your opponents’ shots, but also learn to make use of them to sneakily creep up on your opponents to spring a surprise attack!

2. Learn to run and shoot

One good skill to have while playing paintball is being able to run and shoot. While it isn’t easy to do so, once you are able to aim accurately while running, you’d pretty much be unstoppable because your opponents will have a hard time trying to put a hit on you, while you can attack them even while defending yourself!

3. Buddy up

Teamwork makes the dream work, remember? Paintball engages team building, and you would be at a huge disadvantage if you go solo against your opponents’ team! Learn how to rely on your teammates, and it’s great to buddy up because this means both quicker movement and someone to watch your back. What better way to take out the opposing team?

4. Slow down

Being fast is great, but knowing when to slow down is better. Paintball is not all about charging in and opening fire, but it requires a certain strategy to ensure the challenge is completed! Take care to be cautious because you do not know where your opponents are hiding and they may spring and attack on you any moment! Always check your surroundings to find out their location and proceed only when you’re confident!

5. Practice

They say practice makes perfect. They were right. Every paintball game is different, but to hone skills that will make you a great paintball player, practicing them out on the field is important! Playing the actual game of paintball also helps to hone faster reflexes.


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