5 Ways to Incorporate Team Building Into Daily Office Life

Team building is essential to any workplace. But often times, the response to team building activities may be that it’s “lame”, or “boring”. Definitely not the reaction anyone wants! Well, the good news is that there are still ways to foster team building within the office setting.

1.  Make sure everyone is part of a bigger something

This team building activity is relevant to every workplace. Including every team member will make them feel that they belong, and this sense of belonging allows for openness and sharing within the team. For example, planning what tasks to complete that brings the group closer to its goal is one good way to start off each day. Keeping track of the team’s progress and brainstorming as a team will also allow everyone to give their input.

2. A thought a day keeps the conflict at bay

The best way to get to people to bond is to get them to share about themselves! Foster team building amongst your team members by getting them to share something about themselves everyday. Sharing allows us to get to know more about another individual, and often times, we find ourselves with many things in common. It allows us to grow together, cementing stronger relationships with the people we spend at least 8 hours every day with. With stronger relationships also comes deeper trust and better coordination because there is a mutual understanding and respect within the team. You’ll be sure to achieve maximum efficiency in no time!

3. Create breaks

No, we don’t mean for you to take more breaks during work, nor do we refer to distancing yourself from others. We mean, take breaks just to create! Create anything – doodle, draw, paint, whatever allows you and your team to best express yourselves. Creativity is always welcome in any workplace, because it means innovative solutions to whatever problems are at hand. This team building activity will allow your team to relief stress, and at the same time, let their imagination run wild.

If you want to read more on how art can develop thinking process, click here!

4. Encourage feedback

Constructivism – one team building aspect that helps improve teamwork. Sometimes, people may be too shy to express their thoughts aloud and as such, prevents constructive feedback from being shared. One way to get through this problem would be to have a feedback box. Encourage your team to share their thoughts through their writing and this will definitely give direction on which areas your team can improve on!

5. Follow the leader

Leadership quality is an important team building characteristic. It’s a form of initiative when an individual leads – they know the direction and what needs to be done. While there is often a team leader, it is great if other team members also possess leadership qualities so that they are able to manage others should the team leader be absent for whatever reasons. Perhaps put different team members in charge of specific role for each day. This will allow each one to learn how to take charge of various situations and embrace the leader in them!

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