5 Ways To Mentally Prepare Yourself For Working Life

You’ve just graduated from university and are enjoying your graduation trip. Before you know it, reality hits you and you realise that you’re not at all ready to adult. Most of all, you’re not the least bit ready for your future working life! As you start the countdown to the last day of your freedom, you start to panic and wonder if you’ll ever get used to working life. If the above sounds like you, perhaps you should try out these 5 ways that will help to mentally prepare you and make your life easier for the next thirty over years down the road!

1. Regulate Your Sleep Pattern

Like most university kids, you probably stayed up till 5am and woke up at 1pm on your holidays or days you don’t have class. However, this is not happening for your future working life! When you start working as a young professional, you will probably have to wake up at 7am everyday for the next thirty years or so of your life. Well, you can sleep in on weekends, but we suppose you’d want to spend your two days off as eventfully as possible! Therefore, you need to start sleeping at “normal” timings in order to wake up on time. Try doing this one week before you start work to get your body clock used to the new schedule! This will make it much easier for you to wake up and be all ready on your first day of work!

2. Engage In Team Building Activities

You may boast of an impressive resume, or you’ve written a pretty great cover letter, if you may say so yourself. However, there’s one teeny problem – you’re not much of a team player. In fact, you’re incredibly individualistic and may have trouble working as a team. If this sounds like you, you gotta throw that mindset away ASAP and hone your team playing skills! In the working world, you’re required to work as a team to produce great results. It’s hard to change something that is inherently your personality, but a good way to start is to engage in team building activities! Examples of such activities include combat archery tag and laser tag, where you’ll learn to work with other people and improve your coordination!

3. Calculate Your Budget

This is one of the most important things on the list. Before drawing your first salary, you should calculate your budget which will determine where your money goes. A simple way to start will be to list out the things you need to pay for every month – rent, bills, unpaid student loans, daily expenses. It is also good to set aside a small amount every month as emergency cash, in case of any unexpected incidents. Deducting these from your pay, you can determine the amount you’re able to save every month! A budget will put your life in order and help you clear any bad debts as soon as possible.

4. Read Up On Your Industry

A survey in 2014 showed that over half of the 291 companies surveyed felt that those who recently left school and joined the workforce do not have enough knowledge of their chosen career. Although the jump from school to work may be daunting, you can make your life a little easier by being equipped with more knowledge than your peers about the industry you’re in. A good way to start is to surf the net for online articles about your industry and make it a point to read one article on your way to work every morning. In time, you will certainly keep yourself up to date about your work and be well ahead of your batchmates!

5. Upgrade Yourself

Working life is significantly different from school. You may have managed to breeze through university by being book smart, but your degree and high GPA is not a guaranteed path to success in the real world. You will need to prove yourself over and over again in your job. To have an edge over others, you should make time to upgrade your skills and improve yourself. In this day and age, this can be done easily by taking online courses!

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