50 Unique and Fun Team Building Games in Singapore For 2020

Team building games are a fantastic way for you and your team to bond together, foster teamwork and improve communication. Thinking of suitable team building activities for your next corporate team building in Singapore might be a challenging task. There are numerous factors to consider, such as activity type, budget, and location.

There are many ideas for team building games in Singapore that are great as icebreaker games and team bonding games. At The Fun Empire, we have harnessed our experience as the leading team building company in Singapore to create this comprehensive list of team building games and activities in Singapore for 2019 that are unique, affordable and fun!

Unique and Fun Team Building Games in Singapore:

1. Saber Tag18. Terrarium35. Amazing Race
2. Laser Tag19. Art Jamming36. Music Video Challenge
3. Archery Tag20. Leather Workshop37. Dance Challenge
4. Bubble Bump™21. Cooking Class38. Soap Making
5. Poolball™22. Candle Making Workshop39. Music Jamming
6. SaberFit®23. Perfume Workshop40. Tug of War
7. Ninja Tag™24. Wine Appreciation41. Giant Beer Pong
8. Escape Room25. Flower Arrangement42. Puzzle Mania
9. Bullet Ball26. Clay Making Workshop43. Telematch Challenge
10. Giant Board Games27. Dragon Boat44. The Egg Drop
11. Kaboom28. Trampoline45. Domino Challenge
12. Human Foosball29. Virtual Reality46. Singapore Heritage Trail
13. Giant Whack A Mole30. PoundFit47. Game Show Challenge
14. Go-Kart31. BounceFit48. Video Workshop
15. Paintball32. Boxing Fitness49. Drone Racing Challenge
16. Neon Bowling33. Running Man Games50. Building Bridges Challenge
17. Bullet Strike (Nerf Gun)34. Treasure Hunt  

1. Saber Tag®

Saber Tag

Saber Tag is the world’s first and only team building game that combines neon combat sabers and proprietary scoring vests to create an exciting and action-packed activity. Participants get to wield the combat sabers and battle with opposing team members to achieve different game objectives.

Different exhilarating game missions are available such as Saber Wars, Battlestar Invasion, and Defenders of The Galaxy that will test your group’s teamwork, communication, and strategy. Saber Tag® is trademarked and designed in Singapore.  It is perfect for your company’s team bonding event and even birthday parties! Get ready for a unique and fun team building Singapore experience with Saber Tag®.

Price: From $15/pax
Book Your Saber Tag Session 

2. Laser Tag

Laser Tag is everyone’s favourite team building activity that involves laser tag guns and exciting missions for a fun-filled bonding experience. Whether you call it Laser Tag, Laser Quest or even Laser Tag, this game is suitable for both young and mature participants, and it can be conducted outdoors or at indoor team building venues in Singapore. There are multiple missions, such as Capture the Flag, Mission Impossible and Domination, that you can choose from with different game objectives that will foster greater camaraderie and enable greater bonding among your group. Laser Tag Singapore is also great for birthday parties, bachelors’ nights, hen parties and other occasions.

Price: From $15/pax
Book Your Laser Tag Session 

3. Archery Tag

Archery Tag, or Combat Archery, is a combination of dodgeball and archery games that will excite participants from all age groups. Teams are put into a fast-paced game environment where players must eliminate one another by shooting a foam arrow at opposing players. The game is completely safe, with foam-tipped arrows being used as well as face masks for players for additional safety. Archery Tag can be held at both outdoor venues as well as indoor team building venues.Archery Tag will test your team’s accuracy, strategy and quick-thinking as you will aim to complete different game objectives through the different fun missions available that involve archery shooting games. The various missions such as The Revival, Domination and The Last King are great as corporate team building games as they require strong teamwork, communication and resourcefulness to complete them. Ever wanted to channel your inner Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games? Well, Archery Tag is your best choice for your next team bonding event then!

Price: From $15/pax
Book Your Archery Tag Session 

4. Bubble Bump™

Bubble Bump is one of the most exciting corporate team building activities in Singapore that you can consider where you get to bump around your colleagues and friends in a safe manner while still having tons of fun. Participants wear huge inflatable bubble bump suits and play different team building game missions such as Bubble Soccer, Bubble Bump Invasion, Bubble Bump Zombie and many more.In this activity, you get to strategize and collaborate closely with your team members as you try to bump your way to success! Bubble Bump allows you to de-stress while allowing you to reap the benefits of an effective cohesion and team bonding exercise. Overall, Bubble Bump is one of the most popular team building activities in Singapore.

Price: From $15/pax
Book Your Bubble Bump Session 

5. Poolball™

Poolball is perfect for corporate team building events as it involves a high level of group strategy and communication involved. The game can accommodate both small and large groups and is suitable for participants from different age levels. Poolball can be held in your office building, outdoor spaces, as well as indoor team building venues, making it one of the most versatile team building activities in Singapore.

Price: From $15/pax
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6. SaberFit®

SaberFit Singapore

SaberFit® is the world’s first high energy group fitness workout that involves combat sabers, saber striking techniques, and fitness exercises to create a full-body toning experience that you will love. It is a great team activity in Singapore for you and your colleagues to bond and sweat it out at the same time! SaberFit® is the only group fitness workout in the world that incorporates a pair-work dueling segment and team building elements, which will put your team’s perseverance, teamwork and communication skills to the test. SaberFit® is a super fun and exciting activity for your corporate fitness and corporate team building event. If you’re looking for a unique and memorable team building Singapore activity, look no further!

Price: From $30/pax
Book Your SaberFit Session 

7. Ninja Tag™

Ninja Tag is one of the most unique and fun things to do in Singapore, and you could have this game set-up at your company premises, or you could choose to have it outdoors or at an available indoor team building venue. Battle your friends in one of the most exciting team building activities Singapore.

Price: From $15/pax
Book Your Ninja Tag Session 

8. Escape Room

9. Bullet Ball

Bullet Ball is one of the latest and newest team building games to hit the Singapore market. We’re sure that all of you have played Dodgeball sometime before, but have you tried a faster and more exhilarating version? Bullet Ball is Dodgeball on steroids, with more exciting game-plays and unique missions to keep your team energized throughout your team bonding event. Bullet Ball is an original concept created by The Fun Empire and is an affordable yet exciting option to consider for your upcoming team building session.

This activity caters to both kids and adults and can be held even in your office conference room, as long as there is enough space for 8 – 10 players to run around. If you are looking for an activity to test your team’s coordination and communication skills, Bullet Ball is a great option for you.

Price: From $10/pax
Book Your Bulletball Session 

10. Giant Board Games

Giant Board Games are a great corporate team bonding option that brings your classic childhood games to life in a bigger and better way. There are many different game types available for Giant Board Games, such as Giant Jenga, Giant Pick-Up Sticks, Giant Connect Four and Giant Snakes & Ladders.

The board games are all life-sized and are great options for your team building event, from being effective and interactive icebreaker games in Singapore to an attractive fringe activity for your family day or corporate Dinner and Dance event. Playing Giant Board Games with your colleagues are a great bonding activity for your team building Singapore event.

Price: From $8/pax
Book Your Giant Board Games Session 

11. Kaboom

Kaboom is a crazy and fun team building game that requires participants to solve different challenges while being blindfolded. The game incorporates elements of communication, trust and teamwork as blindfolded individuals representing their teams must navigate around a crowded zone to pick up selected items.

Kaboom puts your team’s communication and trust levels to the test as the game can only be completed if team members within each team work closely together to achieve the game objectives. Kaboom can accommodate a large number of participants at a time and is a perfect team building game that is sure to provide lots of laughter and team bonding.

Price: Contact us for more information

12. Human Foosball

Human Foosball is a life-sized version of Foosball that takes the beloved game to a whole new level. Participants are all physically inside the giant foosball table and hold on to poles and can only move sideways during the game, just like the Foosball mini plastic figurines. Teams must then work together to score as many goals as possible in the opponent’s goal, while also preventing the other team from doing the same at their own goal.

Human Foosball is great for a unique and affordable team building game where you get to interact and play together with your colleagues. This team bonding activity is also great for birthday parties, hen’s parties, bachelor parties and other fun occasions.

Price: Contact us for more information

13. Giant Whack A Mole

Giant Whack-A-Mole is one of the latest and most unique team building games to arrive in Singapore. Modelled after the crazy popular arcade game, Whack-A-Mole, Giant Whack-A-Mole is a life-sized version which requires the main player to use a soft inflatable mallet to hit “moles” (i.e. opponent players), who pop up from their holes to attempt to steal coloured balls from the middle circle.

Apart from the classic game of Whack-A-Mole, there are other game modes available for Giant Whack-A-Mole that promises to create an unforgettable corporate team bonding experience that will create tons of fun and laughter for you and your team.

Price: From $15/pax
Book Your Whack-A-Mole Session 

14. Go-Kart

If you follow Formula 1 racing or fast cars, Go-Kart is the team building activity for you. You get to race with your colleagues in specially designed Go-Kart cars to see who has the best speed driving skills! The participant who can drive gets to use faster Go-Kart cars, while non-drivers have to use cars that go at a slower speed. Have fun manoeuvring the different twist and turns of the track as you attempt to achieve pole position.

Price: From $53/pax
Book Your Go-Kart Session 


15. Paintball

Paintball is an exhilarating tactical team activity that involves participants from different teams shooting paintballs at one another while attempting to complete different missions. This activity is fast-paced and not for the faint-hearted. If you’re looking for something rough and tough, and don’t mind minor bruising due to the paint pellets hitting your body, paintball is a fun activity that you can consider. But if you wanted something more pain-free, you could try laser tag in Singapore instead as one of your team building activities.

Price: From $50/pax
Book Your Paintball Session 


16. Neon Bowling

Neon bowling is a really cool twist of the regular game of bowling as players bowl in a cool glow in the dark experience. The game objectives are still the same, with the aim of knocking down as many pins as possible in a game to attain the highest score.

For Neon Bowling, there are also different game types that you could try for your corporate team building game that are different from regular bowling. These game types emphasize on communication, team work and trust in your team mates, which is perfect for your next team building Singapore event.

Price: From $18/pax
Book Your Bowling Session 

17. Bullet Strike (Nerf Gun)

Nerf Gun is an exciting team-based activity that uses foam balls as bullets. Participants need to use Nerf blasters (i.e. guns) to shoot at opponents while achieving different game objectives. Nerf Gun is safe as the bullets are foam-based, and participants are also required to wear safety masks for additional protection.

This team building game combines high adrenaline action, as well as a team-based strategy as teams,  must outwit each other to emerge victoriously. There are different game modes available that will require participants to work together with their teammates to achieve the respective game objectives. If you’re looking for something action-packed and fast-paced, this is one corporate team building activity that you need to try.

Price: Contact us for more information

18. Terrarium

Terrarium Workshop is a fun and relaxing team building activity where you could learn how to create your very own terrarium. Learn the basics of creating your own terrarium and how to decorate them with colourful sand and cute figurines. Terrarium Workshop Singapore provides both individual and group terrarium workshop options that will cater to your different team building needs.

At the end of the terrarium workshop, participants get the chance to share their creations with their colleagues and explain why they decorated their terrarium in that specific way.

Terrarium Workshop is a great option for an indoor team building activity for your team to bond over a creative and relaxing team bonding session, and participants get to bring home the terrariums that they created in the workshop! This is one of the most popular team building Singapore activity that is highly recommended!

Price: From $28/pax
Book Your Terrarium Session 


19. Art Jamming

Art Jamming is a great corporate team bonding workshop activity that enables you and your group to paint your stress away and express your creativity. In each art painting workshop, each participant has the freedom to create their own masterpiece that they can take home or back to their office to display. This activity can be done on an individual basis, where each participant draws and paints their own masterpiece, or completed in groups where participants work together to paint a larger art piece.

Art Jamming is a relaxing and fun team building activity in Singapore that you can consider with your group. Coupled with soothing background music for your session, Art Jamming will help to chase any work stress away for you and your colleagues! It is also a fantastic choice for small groups, birthday parties, hen’s nights, wedding celebrations, bachelor parties and carnivals.

Price: From $19/pax
Book Your Art Jamming Session 


20. Leather Workshop

Leather Workshop is a team building workshop that is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore among both small and large groups. Participants learn the basics of leather properties, and have the opportunity to trace and cut out their own leather pieces, craft and assemble them into beautiful leather gifts and products.

Participants can get to craft leather items such as coin pouch, key FOB, luggage tags and other cool products that they could keep for themselves or give as a gift. They also get to personalize their own creations with their names and initials. If you’re looking for a unique and crafty experience, Leather Workshop is definitely a team bonding experience in Singapore that you need to try with your colleagues.

Price: From $42/pax
Book Your Paintball Session 


21. Cooking Class

Singapore is famous for their unique food and tasty local delights. It is little wonder that cooking classes in Singapore are popular as a team building activity for groups. Always wanted to learn how to become Singapore’s next master chef and cook up a storm with your colleagues? Well, a cooking class could be a good choice for your next team building event.

Participants get to prepare and cook meals in a fun and engaging environment. At the end of the session, you also get to eat and taste the meal that you had cooked together with your group! If you love food, cooking classes in Singapore are a fun team building activity that you can consider.​

Price: From $50/pax
Book Your Cooking Session 


22. Candle Making Workshop

In the candle making workshop, participants get to create their own scented candles that they could bring home or back to their office after the event. You can choose from different packages based on the type of candle you would like to make, from basic soy candle making to advanced soy candle layering and even gel candle making complete with using colourful sands and cute, intricate figurines for decoration.

Price: From $35/pax
Book Your Candle Making Session 


23. Perfume Workshop

As a common saying goes, the type of scent a person wears is a reflection of his or her personality. In the perfume workshop, you get to create your own bottle of perfume by mixing different scents together to achieve your desired scent. It is a fun team building activity as you get to understand your team members’ personalities on a deeper level using the medium of scents! At the end of the perfume workshop, participants all get to bring home their very own bottle of perfume – how cool is that!​

Price: From $90/pax
Book Your Perfume Workshop Session 


24. Wine Appreciation

Do you know the difference between Pinot Noir and Merlot? How do you tell which region that a bottle of wine is from by looking at their label? Wine Appreciation workshop is a good team bonding activity to learn more about the basics of wine tasting while also drinking with your colleagues! You get to learn useful knowledge that you could use to impress your clients or boss at your company’s dinner and dance event!

If you’re interested to bond over wine, this could be one of the possible team building activities Singapore for you to consider.

Price: From $75/pax
Book Your Wine Appreciation Session 


25. Flower Arrangement

Have you always wondered how florists can create such beautiful bouquets of flowers by mixing different flower types and colours? You can learn the basic skills and concepts of how to pick different flower varieties and colours to create your very own flower bouquet that you could give your colleague or to a loved one. It’s a great workshop that allows you to learn more about flower arrangement, but at the same time, enable you to bond effectively with your colleagues in a flower arrangement team building session filled with creativity.

Price: From $75/pax
Book Your Flowers Arrangement Session 


26. Clay Making Workshop

Interested to create gorgeous and intricate clay figurines with your colleagues? Now you can, with the Clay Making Workshop. Participants will learn the basics of sculpting basic figurines (i.e. flowers, object, etc.) using air-dry clay. This workshop is perfect for teams who are interested in creative-based team bonding experiences where participants can express their creative side to create their very own clay figurines. There is a good variety of different types of clay figurines that you and your team could choose from, and the workshop can be customized based on your selected clay figurine.​

Price: Contact us for more information

27. Dragon Boat

Dragon boating is a pretty intense but rewarding team building activity that will put your team’s determination, communication and endurance to the test. Held outdoors, Dragon boat will help you to get a nice tan while building your team’s camaraderie and team work.

Work together in your teams to paddle at the same tempo and pace to propel your team’s race boat towards the finish line. It’s a great workout as well that will go along with your team building activity.​

Price: From $45/pax
Book Your Dragon Boat Session 


28. Trampoline

Looking to escape gravity and jump around like Spiderman? You can now jump around safely in huge trampolines in Singapore while playing interesting games like trampoline dodgeball and trampoline basketball. Trampoline is a great way to bounce away from your stress at work and allow everyone in your team to enjoy themselves.​

There are several different team building Singapore games that you could participate in for Trampoline that will help foster lots of trust, communication and team bonding among your team members.

Price: From $38/pax
Book Your Trampoline Session 


29. Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in different realities such as fighting zombies or solving puzzles to save yourself from the dangers of outer space! You get to choose different types of game packages for Virtual Reality that will have differing game-plays and missions. If you’re looking for a team building game to play, you can select those game experiences where you are required to work in a team to solve the challenges.

If you’re in a smaller group, fret not as there are also solo-play experiences available to choose from. Virtual Reality is something cool that you could engage for your upcoming corporate team building activity.​

Price: From $30/pax
Book Your Virtual Reality Session 


30. PoundFit

PoundFit combines drumming and upbeat music to create a cool fitness class that you will enjoy. The fitness exercises are inspired by Yoga and Pilates and incorporates cardio, conditioning and strength training to enhance the workout. Participants each get a pair of drumsticks that you use for the workout as you beat according to the rhythm and tune of the soundtrack. Overall, PoundFit is high energy and fun corporate fitness activity that you can consider for you and your team for your next team building Singapore event.

Price: From $30/pax
Book Your PoundFit Session 


31. BounceFit

BounceFit is a trampoline-based fitness activity where participants jump on trampolines to complete different fitness exercises. If you and your colleagues love exercising, this activity is something you can consider participating in to have fun and burn some calories at the same time.

Price: From $36/pax
Book Your BounceFit Session 


32. Boxing Fitness

Boxing Fitness incorporates high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and boxing to create a cool new workout that is suitable for your corporate fitness event. Participants get to punch specially designed Aqua Training Bags that do not hurt your hands (as compared to typical sandbags). If you always wanted to learn some basic boxing moves, this activity is perfect for you and your colleagues.​

Price: From $38/pax
Book Your Boxing Session 


33. Running Man Games

Running Man Games is based on the popular hit Korean Reality Show called “Running Man”, and involves participants going through wacky and hilarious challenges that will put their team building and communication skills to the test. Experience games such as Shake It Off, Water Piggyback, Photozone, Collect the Items and other such unique team building games.

Teams move from station to station to complete these tasks and will collect points along the way based on their performance at each station. At the end, teams will embark on a collaborative activity where all of them must work together as their scores are coupled together. If Korean game shows are your thing, then Running Man Games can be one of the suitable team building activities Singapore you could try.

Price: Contact us for more information

34. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is an adventure map-based team building event that requires teams to work on clues and locate items pre-hidden around Singapore. It’s a great way for you and your colleagues to foster greater teamwork and camaraderie through the multiple challenges that need to be completed to solve the Treasure Hunt experience.

At the grand finale, participants will need to assemble all the located items and combine the clues to solve the last challenge in order to be crowned the ultimate winner.​ This team building Singapore activity will put your group’s teamwork and communication skills to the test!

Price: Contact us for more information

35. Amazing Race

Amazing Race, a fun team building activity, takes you and your team around different locations in Singapore to complete a set of unique challenges.  Teams travel from checkpoint to checkpoint, and can only proceed to the next checkpoint upon completing each challenge. The eventual winning team is the first team to reach the final destination point the fastest at the end of this team bonding experience.

Price: Contact us for more information

36. Music Video Challenge

For the Music Video Challenge, you get to create your own music video while working with your team to write the script, shoot the video and edit the video. It reinforces strong communication skills as all participants are involved in the process of creating the music video. This activity can be customized to include your company’s goals or values, and the theme of the video can be aligned with such goals.

Price: Contact us for more information

37. Dance Challenge

In the Dance Challenge, you and your team will get to learn basic dance moves according to your selected genre such as Hip Hop, K-Pop and other dance types. At the end of the session, your group will be required to perform the dance routine from start to finish. This activity requires good teamwork and coordination, as each participant needs to be dancing in sync with the rest of the group.

The Dance Challenge is a great activity to consider for your team bonding event as you will get to have fun with your colleagues while learning a new skill and staying fit at the same time. If you are looking for groovy team building ideas in Singapore, the Dance Challenge could be something you could try.

Price: Contact us for more information

38. Soap Making

Always wondered how beautiful soap bars are created? Learn how to make your very own soap bar with your colleagues in this Soap Making team building workshop. Create your own personalized soap using only natural materials such as essential oils, natural herbs and exfoliants. These handmade soaps are also great for gifting, so perhaps you could also use the skills you learned at this workshop to create corporate gifts for your company’s dinner and dance parties as well!

Price: Contact us for more information

39. Music Jamming

If you and your colleagues are music lovers, then you could opt for Music Jamming as your next team bonding activity. Learn how to play the ukulele or drums together as a team as you practice and perform a short performance piece. Typically, no musical experience is required as all participants will get the chance to pick up the basics of playing that particular musical instrument under the guidance of trained facilitators.​

Price: Contact us for more information

40. Tug of War

Tug of War is a collective team building exercise that requires participants to work together as a team to come up victorious in this battle of strength and strategy. This activity is able to accommodate a large group of participants and is perfect for big groups or teams.

The activity can also be customized according to company goals, and additional challenges can be incorporated on top of the main Tug of War objective. Examples of additional challenges include shooting soap water using water guns at certain stages of the Tug of War challenge, being blindfolded, and other crazy fun ways to enhance the team building Singapore experience.

Price: Contact us for more information

41. Giant Beer Pong

Giant Beer Pong is a crazy new twist to the traditional Beer Pong party game that involves giant “beer cups” and soccer-ball sized “ping-pong balls” to create one of the newest team building activity in Singapore.

Participants start the game by standing on opposite ends behind their triangular stack of 6 giant beer cups. Each team takes turns throwing a ball into their opponent’s stack of giant beer cups, with the goal to throw the ball successfully into any one of the available cups. If a ball is successfully thrown into any of the available giant beer cups, that particular beer cup is taken to one side. The winner of the game is the first team to successfully eliminate all available giant beer cups. Giant Beer Pong is a great way to ensure lots of laughter and fun for your next corporate team bonding session.​

Price: Contact us for more information

42. Puzzle Mania

Each team is provided with a unique puzzle to solve, but are given only a few pieces of their puzzle at the start of the game. The rest of their puzzle pieces are scattered around with all the other teams’ puzzle pieces. The challenge for teams is to identify which puzzle pieces are the correct ones to solve their puzzle while finding the rest of the pieces from the other team’s respective pile of puzzle pieces.

Puzzle Mania provides a challenging team building experience for participants as constant communication, quick thinking and cohesive teamwork are required to complete the challenge. If you and your team love cracking puzzles and solving problems, this is an affordable team bonding activity that you could consider!

Price: Contact us for more information

43. Telematch Challenge

The Telematch Challenge combines different individual and team-based challenges to form a mini Olympics-like competition. The challenges include both sports-based activities as well as puzzle-based challenges that will test participants’ wits, brawn and teamwork. At the end of each challenge, teams will be given points based on the rankings that they had achieved in that particular challenge.

Typically, the last activity in the Telematch Challenge is the Grand Finale Challenge, where all teams will compete at the same time in a mass-scale group activity. If you’re looking for an activity that can accommodate a large crowd of colleagues for your corporate team bonding event, Telematch Challenge is a good choice!​

Price: Contact us for more information

44. The Egg Drop

Great for both small and large groups, the egg drop is a famous classic. Each team of participants are required to design and build a structure that will prevent a raw egg from breaking from a high drop. Each team only has a fixed time and only basic materials such as straws, cardboard and duct tape to build the structure. After designing the structure. Each team will share with the group why they designed it that way and how it could prevent the egg from breaking when the entire structure hits the ground. Finally, each team will test its structure with an actual drop!

The Egg Drop is a fun and affordable corporate team building exercise that enhances communication between your team members and foster closer bonding and camaraderie.

Price: Contact us for more information

45. Domino Challenge

The Domino Challenge is a fun and creative team bonding activity for participants to design and build their very own domino chain. Teams work together to line domino blocks carefully one after another according to their intended design while trying their best not to accidentally hit and trigger the domino chain.

This activity provides participants with a great avenue to display their creativity, while at the same time, instilling a strong sense of teamwork and communication as team members all need to work flawlessly together to execute their Domino masterpiece. At the end of the challenge, each team will have the satisfaction of watching their Domino chain in action as each domino block falls one by one to form their intended design.

Price: Contact us for more information

46. Singapore Heritage Trail

Teams go on an amazing-race style adventure through the iconic spots of Singapore and complete challenges along the way. The Singapore Heritage Trail will allow participants to discover the hidden gems of Singapore and learn more about the Lion City’s rich and vibrant culture.

At each checkpoint, participants will attempt challenges that incorporate Singapore’s local culture and heritage. At the end of the trail, the teams will be evaluated by the number of challenges that they manage to complete and the time that they took to complete the heritage trail. This activity is customizable and can be adapted to your preferences and objectives of your team building event

Price: Contact us for more information

47. Game Show Challenge

Game Show Challenge pits teams against one another across different trivia-based challenges to see which team emerges as the champions. This team building activity can be held just about anywhere, from an office board room to a conference room and even a restaurant. Participants can expect a fun team bonding experience with lots of laughter, cheering and high-fives. Overall, The Game Show Challenge is an affordable option if you’re looking for an interesting yet affordable team building activity in Singapore!​

Price: Contact us for more information

48. Video Workshop

This team building activity requires each team to work together to create a unique short video that involves the entire video production process – storyboarding, directing, filming, acting and post-production editing. Video Workshop can be customized to suit your company or group’s needs with different themes of the video to be created. For example, the core values of your company can be used as a theme to create the video. If your group is coming for a birthday party, the video can also be created with the angle of creating a unique birthday message and celebration for the birthday boy or girl.

Facilitators will be present to provide guidance on how the video is filmed and edited, and at the end of the team bonding event, each team will get to go home with their very own self-created video! It’s a fantastic way to bond with your colleagues, and also learn new skills in video production and editing as well!

Price: Contact us for more information

49. Drone Racing Challenge

The Drone Racing Challenge uses the advanced technology of drone piloting and navigation to create a unique team building experience for participants. Participants first go through a crash-course in Flight School to learn the basic controls of flying a drone.

After which, each team is required to design and built a drone obstacle course, which will be challenged by the opposing teams. Once completed, teams will take turns flying their team’s drone through the opposing teams’ drone obstacle courses and have their best time recorded. Thereafter, points are given to the top 3 teams of each obstacle course. The eventual winning team is decided best on the most number of points gained at the end of all the drone racing.

This is a fun team building game you can consider for your next corporate team building event in Singapore. It is usually organized outdoors, but can also be held at an indoor team building venue provided that the location has high ceilings and sufficient space for the Drone Racing Challenge.​

Price: Contact us for more information

50. Building Bridges Challenge

In the Building Bridges Challenge, participants are required to use their problem solving and teamwork skills to build a bridge for a segment of a race track within a strict time limit. Teams would only get simple materials such as cardboard, tape and dowels to form their function segment of the roadway.

After all the teams have each completed their segment of the bridge, each team presents their masterpiece to one another and are judged based on their design process and engineering quality. After which, all teams will connect their respective bridge segments together to form a complete race-track. Use a remote-controlled race car to race on this completed race-track and test the effectiveness of each bridge segment!

The Building Bridges Challenge is a great activity for corporate team bonding as it requires strong communication and teamwork to complete the challenge.

Price: Contact us for more information

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