6 Reasons To Play Laser Tag At The Next Team Building Session

If you’re the HR person of your company, chances are you’ll be planning the next team building session. Then comes the headache of choosing the games to play. There are so many games available that it’s only normal to be spoilt for choice. To save your time, we recommend Laser Tag as one of your team building games activities. Here are 6 reasons why it’s worth playing Laser Tag:

1.  Laser Tag is an immersive and fun gameplay

Just like playing video games, Laser Tag will get you immersed into the game in no time. Traits, like hiding from enemies and shooting them, are just some of the common things you’ll experience – except this is reality. Aside from the intensity, Laser Tag is a fun gameplay that one would never want to miss.

2. Laser Tag gives you a fresh experience

Most people would’ve tried playing Laser Quest where it’s held indoors and requires wearing a vest to run around with. For those who haven’t tried such a gameplay, you can start off by playing our Laser Tag. Our Laser Tag games include running around with a lightweight gun, which makes manoeuvring so much easier!

3. Laser Tag is a non-hassle and safe gameplay

Is this game safe? Will I get hurt? These are just some of the most common questions asked by the players. Laser Tag is extremely safe, free from mess, and injury-free too. There’s no need for masks or vests to protect yourself from getting injured. The Laser Tag rays wouldn’t hurt you the slightest bit as it uses infrared technology.

4. Laser Tag puts your mind to test

Laser Tag isn’t just solely pointing your gun to your enemies and shooting them. You have to enter the game with a game plan. Since it’s a team building effort, strategise with your team members on who does what. Play hard but play smart too!

5. Laser Tag builds on your leadership skills

In every team, there’s bound to be a leader. A leader who aims to meet the objectives and instructs their members towards achieving them. With Laser Tag, you get to hone your leadership skills, as you’ll encounter real-life combat situations.

6. Laser Tag allows you to shoot someone and it’s not a crime

We all have that one person we’d like to shoot badly but never got around to doing it because it’s illegal. But with a game of Laser Tag, you are allowed to shoot anyone you like without getting into trouble with the authorities. It wouldn’t have the same feeling of shooting with an actual gun but this is a better deal than going to jail

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