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7 Fun Individual Team Building Activities You Can Still Do

April 17, 2022 by The Fun Empire Team

Here’s the situation. You’ve been planning for a group hang out with friends you haven’t met in a while, a date with your significant other or maybe just a chance to bond with colleagues. 

But recently, you’ve become reluctant because of the times we’re facing with the COVID-19 virus. You’re disappointed as you are unsure what you can still do together. 

Well, fret not. Here are 7 Fun Individual Team Building Activities we recommend you can still do with friends, colleagues, family members and more!

1) Art Jamming

Art Jamming is a social painting experience where a group of people come together to create art, either as individuals or with friends. It is an example of an activity that promotes team building.

You are able to paint freely in a judgement-free environment. With nothing holding you back, Art Jamming is a platform where you can express the inner artist in you.

Don’t worry because you do not need any prior experience to participate in a session. Take this opportunity to witness and be impressed by your own art skills as well as your friend’s!

Art Jamming at The Fun Empire HQ

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Price: Starting from $19/Pax

2) Leather Making Workshop

Passport holders, key holders, cardholders, hand pouches and more. Name it and we have it!

This Leather Making Workshop is a space where people come to learn and practice their leathercraft skills. Practice shaping leather into craft objects using different techniques like shaping, coloring or both.

Here, people are able to create something beautiful to take home after a few hours with us. The results are much more rewarding than purchasing a leather product from retail stores. Come together with friends or your colleagues now.

Leather Making Workshop at The Fun Empire HQ

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Price: Starting from $42/Pax

3) Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a tag game played with guns that fire infrared beams. It is a popular team building game in Singapore, perfect for groups!

Infrared-sensitive target vests are worn by each player during the game, displaying each player's life and team colour. When shot, players lose a life until they run out. Vests will then start blinking to signal that the player is out.

If you’re afraid you might get hurt, don’t worry! Laser Tag is painless and physically less demanding in comparison to other popular activities like Paintball. This activity pushes you to work together and have fun together so why not do it with people you know for a new and unique experience together!

Laser Tag at The Cage Singapore

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Price: Starting from $15/Pax

4) Candle Making Workshop

Gel Candle Making recently gained tremendous popularity in Singapore. Compared to normal paraffin candles, gel candles are more durable and burn much longer.

Learn how to make your own Gel Candle with your friends, colleagues, family members and more. As we have the largest candle making figurine collection, choose and customise your candle the way you want to!

Gel Candle Making Workshop at The Fun Empire HQ

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Price: Starting from $35/Pax

5) Poolball

Poolball is the ultimate combination of pool and football. Team building can be played on the biggest pool table and the smallest soccer field ever! Instead of using cue-sticks, players use their feet to kick the cue ball.

The same rules from regular pool apply to Poolball, following the traditional 8 Ball or 9 Ball games, with players playing in teams. Boost your team’s or clique’s communication and experience the crazy fun of Poolball.

Poolball experience

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Price: Starting from $15/Pax

6) Escape Room

Here’s to the group of friends who like a challenge! If you love solving mysteries, gathering clues and putting on your thinking caps, Escape Room Singapore is the activity for you.

Find your way through surprise turn of events and race against time to find the answer to escape for your team building activity.

Escape Room experience

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Price: Starting from $20/Pax

7) Terrarium Making Workshop

Terrariums are mini greenhouse or decorative mini gardens that are grown in glass jars or containers of different sizes, up to your preference.

Learn how to express your creativity in an eco-friendly way while having your team building session! Take home your own little portable forest, build teamwork, patience, and focus. What a great opportunity!

Terrarium Making Workshop at The Fun Empire HQ

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Price: Starting from $28/Pax

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