7 Team Building Practices Every Company Should Have

It’s quite a common scene to be hearing moans and groans from employees when team building is mentioned. For many years, team building has had a bad reputation for being boring and a waste of time. But little did they know that team building sessions make an effective team in the office. Before heading towards team building activities, we believe that each company should implement a good work culture that brings everyone together. So here are 7 team building practices we think that every company should posses!

1. Reward your employees for their achievement

In life, we’re always motivated by something that keeps us going. This concept works the same in the working environment too. You’ve been working 5 days a week and 8 hours each day, which completely drains you mentally and physically. Let’s not forget that sometimes work requires you to work over-time, especially when deadlines are nearing. If employees have met their goals or surpassed it, they should be rewarded for doing a great job. Recognising their efforts is just one part of it. How about performance bonuses, extra leave days, or gift cards for a treat? These would definitely motivate them to do better. Thus, productivity and quality of work are ensured.

2. Don’t micro-manage employees

All organisations take on different ways to manage their team. Some bosses have a huge amount of trust in their employees while a minority doesn’t. These are the kind of bosses that love to micro-manage their employees. If you’re one of them, stop. Micromanaging employees wouldn’t allow them to work effectively as a team. An alternative to this would be building on a culture of trust, honesty, and respect. Employees should be given specific goals, deadlines, and all the tools they need in order to perform at their full potential.

3.  Everyone is uniquely different

Each of your employees is born with different but unique personalities. That’s what makes them the person that they are. We know that most companies today adopt an open concept working space where a certain number of people share the same table. No privacy and little personal space. While some of us need a little bit to getting used to, some employees are completely uncomfortable by it. Ask any introverted employee if they like this work setting and they’d protest (if they could). We would strongly encourage flexible working practices such as creating a quiet workspace to cater to those who need it. That way, you’re respecting your employees’ individuality. In return, this would help boost engagement and teamwork in the office in their own ways possible.

4.  Get up and exercise

We don’t blame those whose minds are constantly consumed by work. It’s easy for us to get carried away in Singapore’s fast-paced working environment. But a busy schedule doesn’t make for a great excuse to not make time for yourselves. Our lives are a routine: work, home, eat, sleep, and repeat. This could have an adverse effect on your mental health especially if you’re on a 9-to-6-office job. Grab a friend or two and go for an exercise together after work. You’ll see a positive change. Working out as a team also allows you to push each other and experience the success of completing it. On top of that, you’ll burn calories and be in better shape too!

5. Incorporate project management tools

We’re living in a world where everything is moving so quickly and it’s best we keep up with the times – especially technology. There are new project management tools such as Zoho Projects, Basecamp, Slack, and LiquidPlanner, which allow team members to communicate effectively without having the need for face-to-face interaction. It’s important that companies embrace flexible working practices as this could result in better teamwork with the right tools used.

6. Get feedback from ALL employees

Being the CEO or Director of the company doesn’t always mean that you make great suggestions or the best decisions. Brainstorming sessions are one of the classic ways to generate ideas. However, getting ideas from the same people might exhaust their creativity quickly. In fact, we think it’s a wise decision to get ideas and feedback from all roles in the company. It doesn’t matter if they’re just a receptionist or cleaner of the company because great ideas come from the most unexpected people.

7. Bring-your-kids-to-work-day

Many parents feel guilty for leaving their kids behind each time work calls. Weekends are too short and we’d always wish for more time with our loved ones. Since we can’t magically have more weekends, why not bring the kids to work? It can bring more fun and thrilling moments in the office than you think. Kids are curious beings and they would often wonder what’s the working environment like and what you actually do. So this is a perfect way to show them around the office and your desk. Not only does this allow you for more time with your kids, it brings employees in the office closer too!

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