7 Tips To Ensure A Successful Team Building Session

Never underestimate the power of a team building session. Within just one team building session, one can learn so much about their colleague’s strengths and weaknesses and personality too. If it hasn’t been ingrained in your minds yet, team building sessions are essential in making your company grow towards success. Here are 7 tips to ensure a successful team building session!

1. Be creative with the event name for your team building session

Believe it or not, creative names have the power to make everything seem more fun. Imagine naming your team building session “The 10th Annual Team Building Program”. The name is such a bore and it definitely doesn’t excite the goers. Change it up to something that’s a little more fun and relatable. For instance, “Rocket to the Top, Together!” for software companies who are looking to dominate the market share or “Forging a New Alliance” for medical services group managing the roles and departments.

2. Get your employees even more pumped up for the team building session

As you can see, organising a team building session is a lot of hard work. Not to fret, as no hard work ever goes to waste and you should see the outcome of this. You could make use of internal communications to get everyone in the know of this team building session that’s about to happen. Examples on getting this around the office would be through memos, bulletin boards, posters, or even including them during meetings. Get your employees curious and build on the hype closer to the date.

3. Conduct the team building session away from office

The office is a place where everyone gets work done but it’s also a place to feel the most tension and stress. As a result, most team building sessions are held offsite and it’s not exactly a bad thing. You’re allowing your employees to be away from the workplace physically and mentally. This ensures that your employees are able to fully enjoy the team building session with work off their minds!

4. Focus on positive change

Team building sessions are all fun and games. But let’s not forget about the objective of organising it in the first place – to better ourselves.

Here are some questions you can ask:

  • What do you want (the other person, department) to do more/less of?

  • What do you want (the other person, department) to start/stop doing?

Before wrapping up the team building sessions, make a list of personal commitments:

  • I am going to be more committed to do more/less of…

  • I am going to be more committed to start/stop doing…

5. Take photographs and videos for keepsake

“Who’s going to be taking our photos and videos while we play?” Easy. All you have to do is just engage a photographer or videographer on the day of the team building session. Get the softcopy of the high definition pictures, print, and paste them on the company’s bulletin board. The video should also be nicely edited with music playing in the group to make it more entertaining. This is a great way for you to reminisce on the great times you’ve had with the company.

6. Get personal with your colleagues

We don’t mean that you should try hurting anyone’s feelings. The point of this is to get to know your colleagues on a personal level. Instead of just sticking to your own cliques, mingle with the rest to get to know them better. It’s through team building sessions that most people are forced to communicate with the colleagues they’ve never worked with. Besides, what’s the fun in working in the same company but not making friends with everyone?

7. Thank the organisers for their hard work

Organising a team building event can never get easier. A lot of planning and consideration goes into making this work. Make sure to give recognition to the employees who worked behind the scenes in ensuring that all goes well. It could be a small gift that you think would be useful to them. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to feel appreciated for their hard work.

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