8 Myths about Team Building

“’HUH, team building is a waste of time la”

I’m pretty sure this is one of the most commonly heard complains whenever your supervisor tells you to go for a team building event. This is because many of us do not know about the benefits that team building activities can bring and are blindly led by the myths of team building. Did you know that team building activities could lead to improved communication, enhanced productivity and also more positive team morale? Furthermore, it also helps to promote work-life balance within the department and allows you to know about your colleagues better! In addition, there have been numerous myths about team building on the net. Therefore, I am here to debunk all these Team Building myths!

Myth 1: Team Building Exercises require the Employees to be physically fit


This statement is not true to a certain extent. Yes, although it is no doubt that those participants who are physically fit may have an easier time during physical-intensive games, the main objective of team building games is for the participants to work together as a team.  Therefore, they have to help one another! The stronger participants have to help out the weaker participants. This team building experience actually teaches the participants that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. In addition, certain fun and exciting games such as Laser Tag or Combat Archery Tag simply do not require any physique at all!

Myth 2: Everyone will be best of friends with one another after the event


There is this misconception that the objective of every Team Building session is to ensure that the participants become best friends by the end of the session.  As the name suggests, the objective of such games is for you guys to learn to work together as a team, to work towards a common goal. Yes, there is no doubt that you will be interacting more with your colleagues but that doesn’t mean that you guys have to be best friends after the session! Team building is just an event for you to get to know your colleague or friends even better, to see them in a different light. Throughout this session, you should get to know your colleagues’ strengths better and better utilise it when working together

Myth 3:  Participants must touch each other during Team Building events


In today’s society, there are a large variety of team building games available for participants to select from. Fun and unique games such as Bubble Soccer, Laser Tag, Poolball and Archery Tag do not require participants to touch one another at all. Yet, they are still super effective in making the participants work together towards a common goal.

Myth 4:  Team Building events should be outdoors at all times


At The Fun Empire, Team Building activities can happen anywhere and at anytime. It doesn’t specifically have to be conducted outdoors in order for it to be effective. Ultimately, it is not where the games are conducted but the content of the games that are conducted and the fact that the higher management team are making the effort to conduct such team building games that are crucial to the success of team building.  In addition, team building activities do not require a large space to take place. A simple meeting room in the office is already sufficient to host one.

Myth 5: Team Building Activities are difficult to plan


This is an excuse for people who are lazy to organize a team building session for their team. With the vast amount of team building companies like The Fun Empire readily available, hosting a session shouldn’t be difficult at all. Furthermore, there are a lot of simple team bonding games that can be easily planned and conducted during lunchtime. It doesn’t require a whole day to plan a simple team building activity.

Myth 6:  Once a year is sufficient for Team Building


Have you guys ever heard of sleeping for a day and you do not have to sleep for the rest of the year? Yeah, neither have I.  Team Building events have to be more than just once per year in order for its effectiveness to be maximised.  While it may not be feasible to all companies due to budget constraints, those with larger budgets should do team building activities at least once a month. That being said, there are also other cheaper alternatives that require little or no budget all.  As the saying goes, “when there is a will, there is a way”.

Myth 7: Team Building Activities are expensive


Indeed, some team building activities are more expensive as they require special equipment and facilities. However, there are relatively cheaper ones as well. At The Fun Empire, we offer prices as low as $15/pax for our games such as Poolball and more! In addition, there is no correlation between the price of the team building activity and the effectiveness of the activity. An expensive activity may not be as useful as the cheaper one. Furthermore, the lessons and key takeaways from such activities are far more valuable than the amount paid for it. If you are willing to spend $10 for a movie on a weekend, why not spend that $10 on a team building session and know your colleagues better!

Myth 8: Team Building effects are only temporary


The effects of team building can last for a long period if the company does not simply conduct team building once a year.  Like all skills, it needs to be refined from time to time.  Anything that is practised only once in a while, will tend to be forgotten easily.

In conclusion, there are many myths about team building lying around which led to people having misconceptions.  However, we must be wise and not fall into those traps that will cause us to stray away from team building activities.  A team who understands one another and have a strong relationship will be more effective in whatever they are doing compared to a team full of individualists.

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