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8 Ways To Get Over A Breakup

April 17, 2022 by The Fun Empire Team

Breakups; an unpleasant situation that most of us have been through. Some breakups are quick and painless, while others are long and torturous. But what should you do when all you can think about is the person who broke your heart? How do you move on and recollect yourself again? Here are 8 proven ways to get over your ex for good!

1) Talk about it with trusted people

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They say its better to let it out than keep it in; and that is true. Because there is only so much that we can take alone. When your family and friends know that you are hurting, they will be more than willing to listen and rally around you. Some of them might even offer useful advice on dealing with this unfortunate situation, so be receptive to any help you can get during this time. 

2) Make plans with friends


Keeping yourself busy helps to get your mind off the breakup. Instead of staying home, sobbing away and drowning in self-pity, call up your friends and make some fun plans with them.

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3) Get a new hobby

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Flower Arrangement Workshop

While in the process of finding yourself, you have to now adapt and get used to the notion of being on your own again. Research have shown that acquiring a new hobby helps with this; because you will be immersing yourself in a whole new different experience while learning more about yourself and what you are capable of.

Step out of your comfort zone, sign up for workshops and try out new hobbies that you have never done before. Examples include; building your own terrarium, art jamming, leather workshop, clay workshop, cooking class, or perfume making workshop!

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4) Nourish your body with healthy food and exercise


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Cooking Class

Instead of staying in bed, eating tubs of ice cream, junk food, and drowning yourself in self-pity, you should be working on improving and becoming the best version of yourself; both mentally and physically.

Love yourself and your body by making sure that you are well nourished and fit. If you have been eating junk food for the past few days, it is time to change your diet and start incorporating healthier choices. Opt for home-cooked meals instead of take-outs because home-cooked meals are always healthier due to less oil, salt and MSG used. If you lack the culinary skills to cook, you can always sign up for cooking classes. The Fun Empire offers cooking classes taught by our experienced chef to help you hone and improve your culinary skills!

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5) Update your social media accounts

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One thing’s for sure is that while you are in the midst of recovering from the breakup, your ex will be curious about you. Use this opportunity to show them that you are better off without them and living life to the fullest.

Post pictures of you and your friends having fun together, you participating in a new activity, or perhaps a new accomplishment in your life. Whatever it is, show everyone that you are not brought down by the breakup and that it only made you stronger and tougher.

6) Sign up for a few dating apps

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Just because one relationship did not work out, doesn’t mean that it will be this way forever; there are still many fish out there in the sea. Push yourself to get outside and meet new people, go on more dates; that way, it will help you build your network and discover what kind of partner you want. Just bare in mind what your purpose for going out on dates is; not to find a rebound partner.

7) Journaling

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Ever heard of the phrase “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it”?

Same rules apply here. A good way to vent your anger is to write it out on paper. Write out all of your ex’s negative qualities and the things they do that make you not want to date them. Think of every irritable aspect they have as well as all the compromises you had to make in the relationship. Afterwards, keep that list so you can refer back to it whenever thoughts of them start creeping in again.

8) Let go of the idea of “Closure”

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One thing that makes the breakup even harder than it is, is not having the closure you deserve. Your mind would be constantly wondering and scrambling for answers and the question “why” will keep popping up.

However, one thing that you need to understand is that beneath the desperate need for closure is the desire to get back together. The healthy thing to do is to accept that you simply weren’t meant to be together.

If your ex is unable to articulate why they no longer want to be with you, then tell yourself that the fact that your former partner lacked the basic respect and commitment to love you enough; is all the explanation you need to properly close that chapter.

At the bottom of it all, you have to constantly remind yourself that you are worth it and that the right person will come for you one day. It is ok to make mistakes especially in relationships, because it is through these trial and errors that we eventually discover what we want and who we are meant to be with.

So, pick yourself up and wipe those tears away! Brighter days are here to come!

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