Best Tips To Win Any Combat Archery Tag Game

If you’re up for something more action-packed, we will recommend Combat Archery Tag. Although it can get intense, Combat Archery Tag is safe to play both indoors and outdoors. But before starting on the game, here are just some tips to win the game of Combat Archery Tag:

1. Be clear of the Combat Archery Tag game rules

Firstly, you need to be very clear of the rules of the game. Pay attention to the facilitator when he or she is briefing you. There’s not really much time for you to constantly ask them to repeat as time is ticking. So tap on your friends and ask for help if further explanation of the rules of the game is needed. Besides, it always feels better when you know exactly what you’re doing.

2. Know how to use your Combat Archery Tag weapon

For those who haven’t played Archery before, this is going to be something new to you. Your weapon consists of 2 things – a bow and an arrow. Don’t be too eager to pick up the bows and start dry firing as it’s only going to hurt your hands. The facilitator will teach you step by step on how to use the bows and aim well. Just remember to hold it with your less dominant hand, slant it a little, and pull it away from your cheek.

3. Assign a role for every team member

We can’t emphasise how important it is to assign roles to everyone. This is also one of the ways to get your team members to feel included in a game. An example would be assigning one person to be the catcher of the arrows, while the other continues to shoot the opponents. That way, you’re saving yourself from getting “killed” in the game.

4. Hide behind the bunkers

In every game, each team will be entitled to 2 bunkers. The bunkers are obviously there for you to take cover. We’ve seen it all – all team members hiding behind the 2 bunkers while some are brave enough to be free and just run around. It’s a good strategy to be hiding behind the bunkers but not for long! If no one makes a move forward, the facilitator in charge will bring down one bunker.

5. Have FUN

As much as you would like to play competitively, one should remember to always have fun! It doesn’t matter who’s the winner or loser of the Combat Archery Tag game. Let it be a friendly competition.

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