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16 Most Affordable Team Building Activities in Singapore [2022]

April 18, 2022 by The Fun Empire Team

Today, team building activities are the strength of many companies, directed to draw employees from different divisions together to nurture harmony, improve relationships and develop teamwork. However, more often than not, affordable team building activities in Singapore are hard to find. Employers approach team-building activities through very practical considerations; cost and benefit.

In terms of affordability, we've especially researched and curated a list of activities that are $35 and under. Read below, as we provide you with the 16 Most Affordable Team Building Activities in Singapore that you can try out for your next team building session.

Affordable Team Building Activities in Singapore

1. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Room

The first affordable team building activity we would like to introduce is an award-winning escape room experience from The Fun Empire. Singapore's first and only Virtual Escape Room starting from only $20/pax.

You'll have the opportunity to gather your friends/colleagues/family together over a virtual zoom session, without worrying about safe distancing measures. In this interactive team bonding activity, participants will exercise problem-solving and communication skills and all of the challenges of the escape room game are created to promote teamwork and improve relationships with one another, while they work together virtually to solve for hidden clues and uncover secrets to save their virtual village!

Facilitation will be provided for each escape room event to guide participants should they require any assistance during the session

If you're looking for a corporate team building activity, this will be perfect for you and your company. The virtual escape room game can accommodate small groups of 2 pax up to very large groups of hundreds of participants.

This escape room experience is also delivered through secure video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Webex, allowing remote teams to participate together in a fun and safe way! If you're looking for a fun activity to participate in with your team, this is a team bonding activity that you don't want to miss!

Price: From $20/pax

Book Your Virtual Escape Room Game Here

2. Virtual Food Quest

Virtual Food Quest

Put your foodie knowledge to the test with Singapore's only Virtual Food Quest Experience for only $20/pax. The Virtual Food Quest promises an epic food adventure for all!

Grab your foodie friends and colleagues along this game to solve food-related challenges, each revolving around a different cuisine! Spend some quality time bonding with them as you learn more about different types of food together!

One of our easiest virtual games to play, virtual food quest will be a great activity for your next team building day. Your team's communication and teamwork will be put to the test in this light-hearted, fun team building games session! 

The Virtual Food Quest experience can host teams of any size, from a minimum of 2 pax to unlimited pax! Try this flavourful virtual activity out – fun and laughter are guaranteed! You might even find yourself craving some food after the activity!

Price: From $20/pax

Book Your Virtual Food Quest Here

3. Virtual Time Travel

Virtual Time Travel

Inspired by the concept of Back to the Future, we proudly presents Virtual Time Travel experience for just $20/pax! 

In Virtual Time Travel, you will get to travel back in time, and travel into the future to find your missing uncle. Participate in an exciting storyline as you transcend time with your team and solve puzzles in different eras and time zones. Race against the clock to complete your mission!

Highly entertaining and challenging, our Virtual Time Travel will challenge your team's problem-solving skills. As it requires a great deal of teamwork and communication, the game is ideal for your next team bonding session! This is one of the latest and most unique team building games ever created!

You only need 2 pax to start your Virtual Time Travel experience, and there is no limit on the number of participants!

Be prepared to be blown away by the wonders of time travel!

Price: From $20/pax

Book Your Virtual Time Travel Here

4. Virtual Nightfall

Virtual Nightfall

Adapted from the popular game; Werewolf/Murderer, Virtual Nightfall is an awesome way to test the wits of you and your team. Communication, reading of body language and persuasion are some of the key skills required to play this game. Each player will be assigned a character, ranging from the killer, detective, civilian to doctor; Good vs evil, who will prevail?

Book a private session with us at your desire date and time! All briefing, facilitation will be provided and you can just relax and enjoy spending time with your team! Learn about one another's strengths and weaknesses in this mind game.

Price: From $20/pax, including a prize for the winner delivered to his doorstep!

Book Your Virtual Nightfall Experience Here

5. Saber Tag®

Saber Tag

Starting from $15/pax, Saber Tag combines neon combat sabers and proprietary scoring vests to create exhilarating and action-packed gameplay. Participants get to wield the combat sabers and battle with opposing team members to achieve different game objectives.

Different exhilarating game missions are available such as Saber Wars, Battlestar Invasion, and Defenders of The Galaxy that will test your group’s teamwork, communication, and strategy.

Saber Tag® is trademarked and designed in Singapore. It is perfect for your company’s team bonding event and even birthday parties! Get ready for a unique and fun team building Singapore experience with Saber Tag®. This is one of the coolest team building games in Singapore out there.

Price: From $15/pax

Book Your Saber Tag Session Here 

6. Laser Tag

Laser Tag

The game has risen to become one of the most well-loved games of our times. It originated from the gaming and arcade version, which some of you might be familiar with! The game consists of indoor and outdoor sessions where participants use guns that fire infrared beams. They will fire at the infrared-sensitive targets worn by the participants. 

The outdoor arena is decked with obstacles, and participants are to work together in a team to defeat or outlast their opponents. In contrast, the indoor laser tag arena provides a neon and dark light fitted to give users a thrilling gaming experience! 

From $15/pax, you'll get to play multiple missions, such as Capture the Flag, Mission Impossible and Domination, that you can choose from with different game objectives. The game guarantees an unforgettable and memorable experience, participants will also foster greater camaraderie and enable greater bonding among your group. Laser quest Singapore is also great for birthday parties, bachelors’ nights, hen parties and other occasions.

Price: From $15/pax

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7. Archery Tag

Archery Tag

If your team enjoys action, Combat Archery Tag is the go-to game for the next team building session! This game can accommodate up to 10 people at a time, with 5 members on each side. Unleash your inner Katniss Everdeen and show off some Combat Archery Tag skills with that perfect aim. Combat Archery Tag's got that magic to make everyone (including the non-sporty) love the game. Mask on, set your bows, and shoot!

Participants will be put into a fast-paced environment where they must eliminate one another by shooting a foam arrow at opposing players. The game is completely safe, with foam-tipped arrows being used as well as face masks for players for additional safety. The game can also be played both indoors and outdoors, and it introduces multiple missions such as Revival, Domination and The Last King.

Test your team’s accuracy, strategy and quick thinking as you will aim to complete different game objectives through the different fun missions available that involve archery shooting games.

Price: From $15/pax

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8. Bubble Bump

Bubble Bump Client
Bubble Bump Client

Should you feel that laser guns are too mild and crave something with more contact, we have the appropriate activity for you. Bubble bump lets you bring out all the fight in you, yet everyone is laughing and smiling at the end of the day; most importantly, no one is missing a tooth. 

While intense, this game is perfectly safe for you and your colleagues to get a good bump together. Teambuilding may be ineffective with just words; after all, actions speak louder than words. Just go in there and have some fun.

Starting From $15/pax, Bubble Bump is one of the most exciting corporate team building activities in Singapore. Participants will get to wear huge inflatable bubble bump suits and play different team building game missions such as Bubble Soccer, Bubble Bump Invasion, Bubble Bump Zombie and many more.

In this activity, you get to strategize and collaborate closely with your team members as you try to bump your way to success! Bubble Bump allows you to de-stress while allowing you to reap the benefits of an effective cohesion and team bonding exercise. Overall, Bubble Bump is one of the most popular team building activities in Singapore.

Price: From $15/pax

Book Your Bubble Bump Session Here

9. Poolball™

Poolball Client
Poolball With MediaCorp

Starting from just $15/pax, Poolball™ is one of the hottest and most exciting corporate team bonding activities in Singapore that involves an oversized pool table (7-metres long) with pool balls the size of soccer balls. Participants get to play a variety of different games such as Poolball Classic and Poolball Sabotage on the world’s largest pool table. 

The Fun Empire has reinvented the Pool game popular in bars into Poolball, which is a mix between Pool and soccer. Instead of a pool table, we have a soccer pitch as a 'table', and we use the player's leg as a cue instead.

The game does not require much physical exertion, instead, it heavily relies more on teamwork and communication to get the ball into the pool pockets. Also, there are various ways to play Poolball, one of which is sabotage, which compels players to cooperate to do funny movements. For example, piggyback a teammate to hit the ball or play this round blindfolded. Perfect for any crowd to loosen up and step out of their comfort zone to communicate and execute hilarious actions in the presence of their co-workers. Everyone gets a good laugh and, thus, a great team-building exercise.

We also get an opportunity to help out with a scene featuring our Bubble Bump for MediaCorp's filming session! 🎬

Price: From $15/pax

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10. Hybrid Amazing Race

affordable team building activities - hybrid amazing race

Developed by a team of passionate young game masters from the Fun Empire, The Hybrid Amazing Race is the first hybrid team-building games in Singapore!

This game combines both physical challenges and online quizzes, allowing players to learn more about Singapore's heritage and the various types of cuisines while visiting iconic Singapore landmarks located in Chinatown. Get ready to embark on this fun and exciting adventure with your friends or colleagues! This is one of the most exciting and affordable team building activities in Singapore.

Price: From $35/pax

Book Your Hybrid Amazing Race Here

11. Ninja Tag

Ninja Tag

A close-combat style team building game, Ninja Tag can be played with your colleagues and friends! The main objective of the game is to duel your opponents, with different gameplay and game objective, you and your team will have a ton of exciting game modes to play for your next team bonding event.

Starting from only $15/pax, Ninja Tag is one of the most unique and fun things to do in Singapore, and you could have this game set up at your company premises, or you could choose to have it outdoors or at an available indoor team building venue. Battle your friends in one of the most exciting team building activities in Singapore!

Price: From $15/pax

Book Your Ninja Tag Session Here

12. Escape Room

Escape Room

One of the popular team building games in Singapore, the Escape room allows participants to work within teams to solve challenging puzzles under time pressure to complete the escape.

What sets us apart from the other Escape Room companies is our 1000+ 5-Star Reviews From Our Clients, Affordable Pricing For Any Group Size and Award-Winning Experience. We've won multiple awards such as Forbes 30 Under 30 AsiaAPAC Insider Southeast Asia Business Award, Brands for Good Champion and Spirit of Enterprise Award. Recognised and featured in over 100 media outlets.

With just $20/Pax, Escape Room is an effective team bonding activity that hones problem-solving and communication skills, as well as improve team chemistry. If you are looking for team building ideas in Singapore, this activity will be perfect for you!

Price: From $20/pax

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13. Bulletball

Bullet Ball
Bullet Ball Gameplays

The game is one of the latest and newest team building games to hit the Singapore market. How the 2 game differs is its game-plays and unique missions to keep your team energized throughout your team bonding event. 

The game is an original concept created by The Fun Empire and is an affordable yet exciting option to consider for your upcoming team building Singapore session.

This activity caters to both kids and adults and can be held even in your office conference room, as long as there is enough space for 8 – 10 players to run around. If you are looking for an activity to test your team’s coordination and communication skills, the game is a great option for your upcoming team building activities in Singapore.

Price: From $10/pax

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14. Giant Board Games

Giant Board Games

Board Games are one of the "OG" team bonding activities that many enjoys and reminisce about; with many board games variations, the classic selections of Uno, Jenga and snake and ladder are some of the more popular ones! Grab your peers and come through to The Fun Empire to enjoy these classic board games with a twist! 

Giant Board Games are great options for your team building event, from being effective and interactive icebreaker games in Singapore to an attractive fringe activity for your family day or corporate Dinner and Dance event. Playing Giant Board Games with your colleagues is a great bonding activity for your team building Singapore event.

Price: From $8/pax

Book Your Giant Board Games Session Here

15. Art Jamming

Image retrieved from Art Jamming Singapore

Let your creativity run wild and paint your stress away with Art Jamming. An excellent corporate team bonding workshop activity, each participant has the freedom to create their masterpiece that they can take home or back to their office to display. 

This activity can be done on an individual basis, where each participant draws and paints their masterpiece, or completed in groups where participants work together to paint a larger art piece.

A relaxing and fun team-building activity, coupled with soothing background music for your session, Art Jamming will help to chase any work stress away for you and your colleagues! It is also a fantastic choice for small groups, birthday parties, hen’s nights, wedding celebrations, bachelor parties and carnivals.

Price: From $19/pax

Book Your Art Jamming Event Here

16. Bullet Strike (Nerf Gun)

Bullet Strike

The last affordable team building actiAn exhilarating team-based activity that makes use of Nerf Guns with foam balls bullets. Participants will aim and shoot at opponents while achieving different game objectives. Nerf Gun is safe as the bullets are foam-based, and participants are also required to wear safety masks for additional protection.

Combined with high adrenaline action and team-based strategy, opposing teams must outwit each other to emerge victoriously. There are different game modes available that will require participants to work together with their teammates to achieve the respective game objectives. If you’re looking for something action-packed and fast-paced, this is one corporate team building activity that you need to try.

Price: From $15/pax

Book Your Bullet Strike Event Here

Affordable Team Building Activities in Singapore

We hope the list of affordable team building activities provided will allow you and your peers to enjoy without breaking the bank! If you're looking to find the best team bonding activities in Singapore, The Fun Empire creates and provides the world's coolest and most unique team building games. We have created and developed in-house over 30+ unique and exciting team building activities that you and your team will love!

Our award-winning team bonding activities have been well-loved by our diverse clientele, generating over 1,000 5-Star Reviews. We have also successfully organized over 10,000 events for more than 1,000,000 happy participants!

We are the only team building company in Singapore and Southeast Asia that attained the ISO 9001:2015 Certification in Service Quality, the world's gold standard in Quality Management. Our strong track record has led us to achieve awards such as Forbes 30 Under 30 Honouree, APAC Insider's Best Team Building & Events Company, Brands For Good Champion, Spirit of Enterprise Award and more.

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