Archery Tag, The Next Coolest Activity Ever.

Combat Archery Tag

Everyone loves a bit of war action every once in a while. From the sword-wielding to the laser guns firing. From the arrow shooting medieval times to the bombs blasting futuristic universe. Let it be known, that there will always be that one Archer.

That one Archer whom every girl will swoon about and every boy would dream to be. Vice Versa. Be it Legolas from The Lord of The Rings, or Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, or even Neytiri te Tskaha Mo’at’ite of Avatar for the freaky in us, we have all come to realize the one constant and that is.

Archers are Badass

So, why watch and dream when you can now play out your favourite archers? And, in an epic Combat Archery Tag battle with your friends and soon to be foes? Combat Archery Tag Singapore is a whole new experience that allows us players to finally play actual archery with live human targets instead of standing target boards!

Combat Archery Tag_3

Safety was not a problem as the tip of the arrows were covered with foam tips, leaving us with no bruises nor pain, but only the shock of being hit by one of our more accurate archer friends.

With an array of different gameplay and scenarios to choose from, Combat Archery Tag didn’t lose its novelty even though we played it for 2 whole hours.

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