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Art Jamming Team Building: Increase Employee Morale

September 10, 2021 by The Fun Empire Team

Art Jamming Team Building

Art Jamming Team Building
Art Jamming Team Building

For many people, the idea of corporate team building conjures up memories of long days in a conference room, watching PowerPoint presentations and completing repetitive tasks. Art Jamming is different!

Art Jamming Singapore is an activity that has been used for years to improve morale among employees in companies around the world. Read on as we show you how Art Jamming Workshop helps to increase employee morale and bonding!

1. Unleashes Employees' Creativity Art

Art Jamming is a great way to unleash employees' creativity. Art Jamming gives them the opportunity to express themselves in an artistic and creative form that they may not otherwise get at work!

Our Art Jamming sessions are completely open-ended - each employee can choose their own subject matter whether it be flowers, animals, or whatever they choose to do! This allows them to show off their personality, allowing their team members to know them better!

2. Promotes Teamwork and Discussion

Art Jamming also encourages teamwork and discussion. Art Jamming allows employees of all backgrounds, with different skill sets and personalities to come together in order to create something beautiful that they can be proud of.

This activity gives each employee the opportunity to show off their unique skills and abilities as well as learn from those around them - which helps to increase bonding!

At The Fun Empire, our Art Jamming packages allow employees to work on their own individual canvas paintings, bringing everything together to form one huge painting, or paint as a group with a mutual Art Jamming theme!

3. Teaches Artistic Skills

Art Jamming is also a great way to teach employees an artistic skill they can use in their daily lives. Our facilitators will go through basic colour theory and brush stroke techniques. Art Jamming gives them the freedom of creativity and expression that improves morale!

Therefore, it allows for employees to try something new while fostering skills which will help with team building!

4. Create A Masterpiece Together

Participants will get to bring their own Art Jamming paintings home, where they can choose to display it at home or the office! If participants take up the group Art Jamming package, they will be able to work on something that they can proudly display at the office. This creates shared experiences and leads to increased team bonding!

Art Jamming Team Building

Art Jamming is a new way to increase employee morale by unleashing employees' creativity, promoting teamwork and discussion, teaching artistic skills with Art Jamming Singapore. The Fun Empire offers different corporate packages for both individual Art Jamming as well as group Art Jamming Singapore sessions!

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