Avoiding Workplace Politics & Build Team Rapport

The typical workplace in Singapore can be quite competitive at times. A side effect of competition is having office politics. Office politics can worsen if the competition is not just based on work performance. Many other factors such as friendships or networking can have an influence on competitiveness as well.

Though office politics and competition can work for some careers, working in a team still require cohesiveness to ensure productivity. Being in a team means working together and not competing as individuals.

Here are a few ways to help neutralize office politics and improve bonding in teams

1) Avoid climbing the corporate ladder

People who like to climb the corporate ladder are generally not as loyal or committed when working in a team. They will join a team as they feel it will help in promotion chances. Having corporate climbers in the team will end up wasting time as they will cause bitterness on teams when teamwork is needed the most.

2) Clear Communication

Usually, gossip causes office politics, clear communication among colleagues will ensure that there are no misunderstandings. But having regular communication, everyone is getting the same message and direction. Thus, gossip will eventually be irrelevant.

3) Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Lead by example and practice what you preach. It’s important for leaders to be impartial and only focus on employees’ productivity. If there is no advantage to seek favoritism, everyone will be more cohesive and bonding.

4) Fun Team Building Games

Organising fun and engaging team building games will definitely help employees communicate and foster cohesiveness between them. Fun team building activities like Art Jamming, Bubble Soccer or Terrarium can definitely help to bond team members together.

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