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Best Icebreaker Games In Singapore [2022]

April 18, 2022 by The Fun Empire Team

Icebreaker Games

Not long ago, TFE had our very own team building day through a barbecue session with the whole team. Other than eating, catching up with one another, and taking a long-awaited break from work, we topped it off with some light icebreaker games as well. This helped us to see the hilarious side of our beloved colleagues. So I thought why not share them with all of you. This is an inside scope on how TFE runs its own icebreaker games.

We hope these great suggestions will help to make your own planning an easier one too. However, if these suggestions aren't enough and you're looking for more team building activities, be sure to check out 62 Unique and Fun Team Building Games in Singapore For 2021

Team Building Activities By The Fun Empire (TFE)

team building activities. Face The Cookie
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If you're a fan of Oreos or Famous Amos, then you will look forward to playing our first icebreaker game. This is a simple activity where honestly all we needed were some cookies and chairs. A cookie was placed onto each of our colleague's forehead and they had to slide it down into their mouths, using facial muscles. We were broken into teams and competed to see which one of us was the first to swallow the number of cookies equivalent to our team size. The faces of our colleagues were definitely a sight to behold! Here's one tip for you, should you play this game. It is much faster if you have a teammate who is giving you instructions on how to maneuver the Oreo on your forehead. So don’t just stand there using your eye power!

2. Charades – song version

icebreaker games. Charades
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Are you looking to be the next Ed Sheeran or Benjamin Kheng? Then look no further! This team building activity will be a great opportunity for you to showcase your talent. This icebreaker combines both classic Charades and music. Despite, requiring a little more preparation than the previous activity as you need to print out the song titles beforehand. The preparation will be well worth it! The twist of this game is that you cannot sing the lyrics of the song. You can only describe a song by humming, dancing, or using any other methods. For me, it was certainly embarrassing. This was because I was the rare tone-deaf guy who's trying to hum the tune of Singles Ladies from Beyoncé! But ultimately it contributed to a very hearty atmosphere as everyone had a good laugh at my botched attempt. That was what’s most important for the night.  Who knows? You might discover some really talented "singers" during this icebreaker game.

3. Back to Back Drawing

icebreaker games. Back to back drawing
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The last icebreaker game that we participated in which we recommend for your team building activity is Back to Back Drawing. All of us were split into pairs and seated, facing away from one another for this game. One person is given a picture of a particular object along with a list of words that they can't say while the other person was tasked with trying to draw that particular object. As the list of words contain descriptors that would clearly give the image away, understanding your partner and verbal communication is most needed in our third ice-breaking game. We definitely had a good laugh after looking through the "unique" creations each pair came up with.

Icebreaker Games

In short, these icebreaker games are simple but their purpose is to create interaction and joyous moments shared amongst the team.  And I felt that we accomplished these objectives with the games played during the barbecue session. However, if you are looking for more ideas and guides for team building activities, you can check out the links below 🙂

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