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Best Tips To Master Laser Tag

April 18, 2022 by The Fun Empire Team

Best Laser Tag

If you've always been curious about what it feels like to be James Bond, here's your chance at it. The Fun Empire offers Laser Tag Singapore as one of their many gameplays catering to a large group. This shooting game is similar to paintball, except that it's more safe and clean. Our guns are sensitive such that you can shoot other players about 100m away.

So if you'd like to be a champion at Laser Tag game, use these 5 tips when you're on it! Furthermore, if you like more on Laser Tag, you can check out here 10 Things You Need to Know About Laser Tag

Top 5 Laser Tag Tips To Win The Game

1. Know Your Laser Tag Gun

Mastering your weapon allows you to have the upper hand against your opponents!

The Fun Empire guns are lightweight that it almost feels like you're holding onto a toy gun. It comes in 2 different colours ‚Äď silver and green. There's a protruding red bulb above the weapon, which acts as the sensor. When you're tagged, your gun will vibrate and die for about 3 seconds before resuming in the game. If you're fast enough, you can hold onto the shield button (in front of the trigger) to prevent getting tagged. Just be sure to protect your guns, or you'll risk getting "tagged"!

2. Aim And Target Well

In the game of Laser Tag, your aiming skills need to be good. This will increase your chances of winning the Laser Tag game as you're a better player. However, shooting a Laser Tag gun can be a little strange at first. Unlike paintball, Laser Tag guns only have the laser beams coming out of them. You have to be very careful and ensure that you aim at your opponent's red bulb. The further you are from them, the harder it is to aim accurately. Here are several ways you can explore to shoot your opponent: standing, kneeling, lying down, running or leaning over.

3. Teamwork is very important

Laser Tag Client
Laser Tag Client

In the game of Laser Tag, one can choose between playing in a team or going solo. We'd recommend playing as a team as it's more thrilling that way. Besides, this is a great team-building game! However, the challenge is having the team working together towards the same goal. Be wise in terms of how you would play the game. The first step to doing this is to strategise. Assign different roles to each team member, as this will make them a more confident player. Also, ensure that all your team members are clear about how the game is played. Then you're ready to ace the Laser Tag team building game!

4. Gameplan Strategy

Before stepping into the arena, develop, discuss and come up with a solid gameplan. Discuss among your teammates to see if they want to go all-out attacking or defending. Familiarise the terrain and scout defending positions which can be used later on during the game!

5. Outfit Selection

Before visiting the arena, pick out a dark coloured outfit, as dark clothes functions as a camouflage technique. This ensures that you won't be spotted from across the room. Furthermore, avoid wearing too many layers, as it can get uncomfortable. During the game, therefore, we highly recommend a dark tee-shirt to do the job.

Best Laser Tag

To summarize, laser tag is a fun, safe and valuable team building game, suitable for groups of all ages to join. If you're interested in trying out fun and unique team bonding games, You can check out the links below ūüôā

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