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22 Best Birthday Party Ideas Singapore [2022]

April 18, 2022 by The Fun Empire Team

Birthday Party Ideas Singapore

Birthday Parties are events where some of the best memories are made! Growing up, birthday parties holds a significant place in my heart, as I get to celebrate that one special day with all the people that I love. However, planning a birthday party, on the other hand, is often a hassle. Much time, effort, planning are often required to plan for a successful birthday party!

We know how you feel! Let us save you the hassle of brainstorming ideas as we recommend 22 Best Birthday Party Ideas In Singapore 2021 to make your child's birthday party memorable!

Check out this article as it contains exclusive finds of kids birthday party activities, venues and tips on how to bring the party to the next level!

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1. Bubble Soccer

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Let your kids run wild with their friends in an exciting game of Bubble Bump! Like all kids, energy seems to be always rushing through them, a perfect birthday party game of Bubble Bump will surely leave the kids with much laughter, joy and priceless memories at the end of the day!

Price: From $15/pax

2. Laser Tag

Image retrieved from Laser Tag Singapore

Are your kids a fan of 007/ spy movies? It’s time to make his dreams of being James Bond come true on his/her special day! Offered as a themed birthday party in Singapore only by The Fun Empire, your kid will get to hold an interactive laser gun and embark on thrilling missions with friends! We all know how much kids love to pretend they are in a movie scene so definitely consider giving him the secret mission of his/her year to experience being a real agent!

Price: From $15/pax

3. Giant Board Games

kids birthday party singapore - Giant Snake & Ladder
Image retrieved from The Fun Empire - Giant Board Games

Our kids are increasingly exposed to lots of screen time, the simple joys of playing card games with their friends should be experienced and promoted. But, we do agree that regular card games hardly scream great birthday party ideas. That’s why we are recommending GIANT board games! Join in to teach your kid how to play these old-school childhood games. Upsize the games and the enjoyment in the room will upsize as well!

Price: From $8/pax

Phone Number: 6515 4146

4. Combat Archery Tag

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Combat archery tag is simple to understand, and your kids will pick up the game skills pretty quickly. On top of that, Combat Archery Tag Singapore can also be served as a birthday gift. Our indoor combat archery tag game includes neon settings, allowing you to have sci-fi decorations and an atmosphere for your birthday!

Price: From $15/pax

5. Ninja Tag

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Get ready to see your kids swing their best moves! Ninja Tag is a close combat game where kids duel with his/her friends face to face, toe to toe in an exhilarating birthday battle. If your kid loves play fighting, action and even some kungfu, get him/her this ninja birthday party package for some non-grisly fun!

Price: From $15/pax

6. Saber Tag

kids birthday party singapore - saber tag singapore
Image retrieved from Saber Tag Singapore

Perfect for kids who are fans of the force! Our neon fitted environment mimics a Star Wars-themed party! With the use of lightsabers, your kids can mimic themselves battling amongst his/her friend. For the birthday party, your kid would be equipped with combat sabers and proprietary scoring vests which they will use in their game missions. Book this game for an exciting experience for the kids and a worry-free one for you! Join the force/dark side today!

Price: From $15/pax

6. Virtual Escape Room

kids birthday party singapore -  virtual escape room
Image retrieved from Escape Room Singapore

Planning a birthday party this year can be quite a challenge due to social distancing measures! However, If you’ve got a little Sherlock Holmes in your family who loves solving mysteries, and uncovering hidden clues, The Fun Empire’s Virtual Escape Room experience is perfect!

Your child will have to work together with their friends to overcome challenges and puzzles in order to unlock secrets and complete the storyline. The Virtual Escape Room is suitable for kids aged 7 and up, and can accommodate an unlimited number of participants. Your child will be able to participate with as many friends as they want!

This experience is available anywhere as long as you have a laptop and stable wifi connection.

Price: From $20/pax

7. Virtual Terrarium Making

kids birthday party singapore -  virtual terrarium
Image retrieved from Terrarium Singapore

Engage your little ones with a fun and relaxing session on their upcoming birthdays? Our terrarium making workshops are perfect for kids who have a love for nature, and an interest in arts and craft! Do try out The Fun Empire’s Virtual Terrarium Workshop!

All of our workshops are guided by professional facilitators, and step by steps instructions will also be provided within the terrarium making home kit. Allow your child to express their creativity in an enjoyable and environmentally friendly way! Furthermore, our company will deliver the Terrarium home kits to your doorstep before the event day, saving you the hassle of travelling and picking them up. This should be on your list of birthday ideas Singapore!

Price: From $35/pax

8. Virtual Art Jamming

kids birthday party singapore -  virtual art jamming
Image retrieved from Art Jamming Singapore

Art jamming is a great way for your kid to express their creativity and discover their inner Picasso. With The Fun Empire’s Virtual Art Jamming Workshop, your child and their friends can bond through the power of creativity and art over video conferencing platforms. They will be accompanied by professional facilitators who will go through colour mixing theory and ensure that the whole session is stress-free and relaxing. Try this as an activity for your kid’s birthday!

Price: From $35/pax

9. Virtual Party Mania

kids birthday party singapore -  virtual party mania
Image retrieved from The Fun Empire - Virtual Party Mania

Virtual Party Mania experience promises a good laugh for your kid! Through the session, they will get to play a series of hilarious party games with their friends together via a video conferencing platform! To spice things up, a winner will be identified at the end of the session and get a special prize delivered to their doorstep! Add this to the list of ideas for your kid’s birthday party in Singapore!

Price: From $20/pax

10. Hybrid Amazing Race

birthday party ideas singapore - hybrid amazing race

Join us for Singapore's first-ever Hybrid Amazing Race! Consisting of a combination of both physical offline challenges and online quizzes, participants can learn more about Singapore's heritage and the various types of cuisines while visiting iconic Singapore landmarks. Players will get together through the process of solving the puzzles at different stages. Get ready to embark on this fun and exciting adventure with your friends or colleagues! This is one of the best birthday party ideas in Singapore.

11. Visit The Singapore Zoo

kids birthday party singapore - zoo - birthday party ideas
Image retrieved from

Singapore Zoo is a favourite for many kids! Visiting the zoos and learning more about the animals are a great way for children to explore, therefore, a birthday party at KidzWorld in Singapore Zoo would be the best option!

The birthday package includes transport from the entrance to KidzWorld and encounters with the animals! In addition, you can expect to be entertained with seats to the Animals Friends Show. This is a great choice the animal lover kids!

Price:  From $55/child and $65/adult


12. Aquarius Cove

kids birthday party singapore - aquarius cove - birthday party ideas
Image retrieved from

Ocean themed indoor adventure birthday party is what Aquarius Cove is all about! Known for its colourful equipment and vibrant space, this is a great choice for kids who love to explore and climb about.

Your kid would get to spend an afternoon going from ball pits, bouncy castles, tunnels and even jungle gym! You can have peace of mind knowing it is very safe. This because most of the play area is made up of inflatables or the floors are carpeted to absorb impact from potential falls. It’s a great way to keep the kids entertained on their birthday!


13. Horse Riding

kids birthday party singapore - horse riding - birthday party ideas
Image retrieved from

Saddle up! Take your kid on a horse riding birthday party! Although Singapore may not strike you as a country that has many stables, there is actually a rather decent equestrian scene. At Gallop Stable, you can arrange for a birthday party Singapore at their outdoor party area and hire a pony!

There are also options to book special horse-themed birthday cakes, carriage rides, catering and other activities. What makes Gallop Stable unique is their ability to colour-coordinate and doll-up their ponies to further enhance your birthday theme.

Price:  From $60/pax


14. Airzone

kids birthday party singapore - airzone - birthday party ideas
Image retrieved from

An adrenaline-pumping activity, suspended by nets that stretch across the mall, Besides just bouncing, this multi-storey net arena makes a versatile birthday party by offering a ball pit, net sides and net mazes! It is definitely a unique birthday party venue that has no limits to the play that your kid can get out of the experience.

Price:  From $42/pax


15. Birthday Scavenger Hunt.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt
Image Credits :

We all love some surprises during our birthday! Make opening their gifts even more fun by increasing the anticipation! Use this scavenger hunt printable to leave clues around the house leading to their gift!

16. Eat With A Special Birthday Plate.

There are lots of special plates you can purchase online, like this one on Etsy, and even one complete with a photo from Shutterfly! You can even try handmaking one yourself!

17. Fill Their Room With Balloons.

Balloon Decoration Packages – Little Red Balloon Singapore
Image Credits :

What's a birthday celebration without balloons? Purchase a couple of them, look up some special designs balloons! You can use helium balloons to float around the room or blow them up yourself to cover the floor.

18. Home Made Videos

Talk through the videos, telling them stories of what was happening or why the moment was special. Pictures speaks a thousand words, level it up with a sincere homemade video!

19. Birthday Outfits

Kids Superhero Cosplay Batman Superman Dress Costume Boys Party Outfits |  Shopee Singapore
Image Credits :

Allow your kids to role play on their very special day! Pick up their favourite costumes/outfits and make them the main character on their special day!

20. Birthday Dinner Meal.

This was one of my favourite traditions as a kid! The birthday child gets to pick their favourite dinner. You can give parameters of a home-cooked meal, a restaurant, or either.

21. Make A Homemade Cake Or Treat.

Make it a tradition that mom or dad always makes something extra special and homemade for their special day. That special feeling is often valuable and priceless!

22. Quality Time

12 Fun Bonding Activities In Singapore That Will Bring The Family Closer -  The Singapore Women's Weekly
Image Credits :

This is my last point of the article, I would like to share that growing up, I didn't have the luxury of having fancy birthdays and expensive gift prizes, all i had was fun quality time with my parents and that was all that really mattered to me !

Birthday Party Ideas Singapore

We hope the list of best birthday party ideas Singapore provided is useful! Similarly, you can also contact The Fun Empire, as we create and provides the world's coolest and most unique games. We have created and developed in-house over 30+ unique and exciting team building activities that you and your team will love!

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